Unmanned Systems Fiber Reinforced Polymer Market Size, Growth, Trends, Forecast to 2020

The unmanned systems fiber reinforced polymer market size is estimated at $5.22 Billion in 2015 and is projected to to reach $7.76 billion by 2020. The rise in research, procurement, and use of unmanned vehicle systems over the last decade has seen significant advances in the range of payloads included. UAVs and UUVs are rapidly emerging as the platforms of choice for many military and commercial applications; including mine countermeasures and reconnaissance.

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The Unmanned Systems Fiber Reinforced Polymer Market size in this report is divided into five major regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, The Middle & Africa, and Latin America. It is estimated that the market will be valued at $5.22 billion in 2014; North America is projected to have the largest market with 36.94% share, followed by Europe with 34.81%, and APAC with 14.46%.

The global unmanned systems fiber reinforced polymer industry is classified into four major segments: CFRP, GFRP, BFRP, and AFRP. Each of these has been further segmented into the fiber and matrix segments. The matrix segment has been split into thermosets and thermoplastics. Additionally, the report also provides the market analysis of these composite materials into key unmanned systems platforms, namely UAV, UUV, and UGV.

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The industry is witnessing new entrants from emerging economies in the CFRP segment. These, in turn, are acting as a boon for unmanned system composite manufacturers. Manufacturers are focused on the development of more advanced, electrically conducive composite material as it could provide a phenomenal change in the signal processing of unmanned systems.

This report provides an analysis of the unmanned systems fiber reinforced polymer material market size from 2015 to 2020. It explains market and technology trends to gain competitive market intelligence. The market share of the leading companies in this market has been covered under competitive analysis. The impact of drivers and restraints has been analyzed and their impact on this market has been listed to provide in-depth insight of the market.

Unmanned systems fiber reinforced polymer market size report provides a detailed analysis of both historic and projected global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of major companies in the industry, and other key news. It also provides information about the leading competitors in this market.

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The leading players in unmanned systems composite market include Hexcel Corporation (U.S.), Royal TenCate N.V (The Netherlands), Toray Industries Inc. (Japan), Owens Corning Corporation (U.S.), and Cytec Industries Inc. (U.S.).

The rise in research, procurement, and use of unmanned systems such UAVs, UUVs and UGVs over the past decade has seen significant advances in these systems with respect to the payloads and structure. Due to this, there has been a notified increase in the procurement of composite materials for manufacturing steadier and reliable unmanned systems.

The growing demand for unmanned systems in the commercial sector has led to market opportunities for composite materials across the world. The carbon fibers and carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) are the major materials used for the manufacturing for unmanned systems along with some proportion of glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRPs), boron fiber reinforced polymers (BFRPs), and aramid fiber reinforced polymers (AFRPs).

The key market players across all six regions have been identified for competitive analysis. The region-wise breakdown provides a platform, composite material type, and country-level analysis in the Unmanned Systems Fiber Reinforced Polymer Market. The unmanned systems composite industry is fragmented and its major players are situated in Europe and APAC.


Unmanned Systems Composite Market Share, by Region

RegionMarket share (%)
North America36.94
Middle East & Africa10.36
Latin America3.43

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