United We Stand

Mark????????s Column,

Isn????????t it good to think through the eyes those of children. We sat through the night wondering when Santa would show up. We had our own wonders, nobody disturbed us unless is the dog out back. Praying for snow we would wonder what would end up under the tree for us. Let me repeat that, we were wondering what was going to end up under the tree for us. And of course, the tree was decorated in the style we wanted to remember.


This season, people are getting more frugal. We have a unique situation that is requiring people to manage their income very carefully. The most important thing is to have fun. I have fun writing. That????????s my life, now. It didn????????t use to be that way. Believe me.


Then there came the time when we all faked we were sleeping so our mothers would stop singing. It was the funniest thing. We dreamt about great things in the future. At the same time, we didn????????t understand the message of Christ. We just wanted to have our soccer balls, baseballs, footballs and ability to run as far as we could to escape the real world. Corn fields were nice. Pine trees were cool. And closets were also friendly. But the best place was under the bed!


Then, at some point in time, we all felt lost. We only had one option and that was to survive. Somehow life took a turn. One we were all unfamiliar with. Therefore, we all began to hope things would get better. Things, however, continued to go on.


Soon after came the ??????jingle bells?????? and all was well. We crawled out from under our beds and jumped out from within the closets. We removed ourselves from the cornfields. Our parents wondered where we had been for hours. In fact, they almost strangled us for not listening to their yelps out the door to find out where we were at. You all know what I????????m talking about. Then they cut the corn! Not our parents, but those who actually grew the corn. Pretty wild times, indeed.


You know, eventually this writer returned to the feeling that I never wanted to see snow again. And this writer skied for numerous years. It was time to search again. You know, we are all never going to find our perfect land of existence. It is not going to happen. What we need to do is LIVE for the day, and for the moment. We shall all cast ornery people from our lives. There is no time to waste when you are living.

Now, there are going to be those who try and drag you down. That includes some family memories that don????????t understand what you may have gone through. Just let those who are less sophisticated cut their own throats. And believe me, they will.


I have been playing around with the markets for quite some time. I have not, however made a purposeful attempt to steal anyone????????s wealth. Soon, people will find out that the Central Banks and Capital Markets have been ripping people off for years. People will begin to see that paper money is nothing other than that, paper. Shame on us. The world should have never moved beyond silver and gold for currency exchange. At least then we would have known we were working for something. Something practical, and solid.


I have a message for Washington DC. . .


Look out, the revolution as begun. . .


Mark Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative
Graduate from USU, UC Irvine, Penn State and AZ State


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