Understanding the Capital Markets and Bankers Activities

Mark????????s Column ~ Who is the ??????pilot?????? on this trip?


Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been having a great week. That is a great deal of information that needs to be covered. I will highlight that information on the following thread ~


We????????re going through incredible times right now. We????????ll start off by clarifying some issues with how different markets play war with one another. This form of ??????War?????? in the markets is called. . .(in perfect alignment with the currency wars that are taking place):
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For the upcoming film, see Arbitrage (film).
Not to be confused with Arbitration.
In economics and finance, arbitrage ( /’?rb?tr???/) is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets.??????
Taking off from here what I????????ll try to do to clarify some events that are making the markets so shaky, is to sum up one fractional portion of what takes place in the trading (of stocks) between two nations. Typically, it is the hedge fund runners that play around with the markets by using arbitrage. Many of you that have been following the markets can see how the manipulation occurs.

When a stock is down in one country, and up in another, arbitrage takes place. This is why it is going to be very interesting to see what the Feds did with trillions of dollars in taxpayer monies. This has been explained in the introductory paragraph. The introduction fails, however, to mention the social frustration from heightened awareness levels of activities stemming from Washington DC.

Those involved with arbitrage have no feelings as to whose money they are stealing. They also manipulate the markets. They do whatever they possibly can to turn a profit for those with whom they communicate. That is ~~ the banks. That????????s the oligarchs, folks. Banksters are interested in one thing and that is to make money. They try make that money to cover expenses with retirement accounts, pension funds and 401k plans, etc. I guess they failed in those particular cases, now didn????????t they. This is why so many civil uprisings over the past year have transpired in the United States, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries pursuing there rights to freedom through honest work and who deserve better leadership. Why work for paper covered with ink if you can????????t trade it?

I????????m convinced that leadership goes to one????????s head if it is not controlled. The people should control those governing around the world, not the other way around.. Citizens around the world are tired of this type of thing taking place, in particular, when the banks were bailed out with taxpayer????????s money by the Federal Government. The sales of derivatives are also responsible for the instability of the financial markets. That means you were robbed twice. Once by the banks involved with arbitrage, and next by paying your taxes to the very government that bailed out banks overseas and invested your money in derivatives.

Let????????s take a break at this moment and grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever you please and listed to a song from the past ~

Pilot of the airwaves ~

We have to have a defense system in America. So let????????s get our ??????defense?????? back in accordance with the Preamble of our Constitution. Need anything else be said other than expressed? Got it? That????????s right, let????????s bring the troops home. Once we get the troops back we can begin coming up with ideas like this to assure all have something to work towards ~


With that in mind, let????????s take a break for a little water and a bit of music ~~

Van Halen ~ Dreams. . .

Times are tough folks, but it????????s never too late to follow another dream. Hey, if I can go for my doctorate at 47 ~ you can all do something to improve your lives and in which case, will improve our world. We have got to get this financial situation facing the world taken care of as soon as possible. On the political side of things ~ if the Middle East doesn????????t settle down we are going to face even more challenges in the near future. Say for instance $6.00 oil which will further cripple family budgets. That????????s right. Just go to my blogging thread and you will find the confirmation.

Let????????s end with a mellow song. Hang in there and help your family and friends when you can. Stay tuned. Just remember ~ family comes first, friends come second and business comes third. By all means, remember to ??????live??????. There will be much more information coming your way in the next column. . .

Rita Coolidge ~ We????????re All Alone. . .

Peace be with you all, always. . .and in all ways,

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from UC Irvine, Penn State and Utah State Universities

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