Un-American: An Uniquely American Term. Are you an American or Un-American?

Do you consider yourself to be patriotic? Do you love your country and what it was founded on? The founding fathers set out to create something that never has been in recorded history. A place where people could be free. Freedom from oppression from government and tyranny.

Imagine a place where people could succeed or fail based solely on the merits of their beliefs and actions. Only in America can the term “Un” be attached to our being Americans. You cannot be Un-Chinese or Un-Brazinian….

This is because to be an American used to mean something to everyone around the world that was/is unique to the society of freedom that was created by our founding fathers.

The four lost American ideals are: Georgics, Libre, Providence and Public Virtue, the fifth is Freedom but we still have an inkling of what it means.

If we want to be a great country again we must learn what these lost ideals are and reinstall them into our society, one person at a time.


The word ??????georgics?????? comes from the Greek ??????geo,?????? meaning earth, and ??????ergon,?????? meaning work. The literal translation, therefore, means to work, or farm the earth.

Translated to fit modern times, the essence of the word is ??????ownership.??????

America was built on the backs of free and independent owners. The more owners we have, the more freedom we enjoy, and vice versa.


There are two aspects to the concept of providence: 1) there is a Higher Power, or God, and 2) God has a specific purpose ??????? or mission ??????? for every individual.

Those who believe in and submit to providence live virtuous and courageous lives of service and leave legacies. They work with passion and purpose. They live by design, rather than default.


??????Liber?????? is a Latin word for tree bark. It????????s also the root word of ??????library?????? and ??????liberty,?????? revealing the relationship between knowledge and freedom.

In the ancient world tree bark used to write on, and there were generally two groups of people: slaves and liber. To be ??????liber?????? meant that one could read, write and engage in contract.

Liber means much more than mere literacy ??????? it means that you have the ability to think, learn and lead. It means being able to engage with the greatest thinkers, respond intelligently, and practically apply knowledge to improve the world.

Public virtue
Public virtue means to voluntarily sacrifice personal benefit for the good of society.

Those who have lived the first three ideals (liberally educated owners engaged in personal mission) can apply public virtue to transform society when it matters most.”

Learn more about these four lost American ideals here.

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