UG to Enforce Mowing and Debris Removal from Vacant Lots

In an effort to improve the overall appearance and safety of Kansas City, Kansas, the Unified Government will be streamlining the process for mowing and removal of junk and debris from lots that are not being appropriately cared for by their owner or tenant.  To do so, the Unified Government will provide a single fourteen-day notice to maintain or abate your property for all mowing, trash, junk and debris violations.  The goal is that no neighborhood will have to wait more than a few weeks for assistance from the Unified Government to handle an issue with a property owner or tenant that is not performing regular lawn maintenance and/or, leaving trash, junk and debris unmaintained.

The Mayor and Commission also support and are funding major enhancements to the management and maintenance of all Unified Government properties, including land bank lots and known vacant and abandoned properties.  The enhancement and maintenance of all property in the community is part of the SOAR initiative.  SOAR initiatives were developed through data analysis and research to address the concerns of the community about its appearance and safety, especially in the area of property maintenance.

The new procedure for dealing with Junk and Trash complaints on private property was implemented on February 01, 2017, where if violations exist for trash, junk or debris, the property will be given a “notice” and fourteen days to remove the trash, junk and debris.  At the end of the fourteen days a re-inspection will occur and if the violations remain, the Unified Government will remove the trash, junk and debris.  The owner will be billed for the hours and an Administrative Citation can be issued.

Additionally, as of March 01, 2017, a similar procedure for dealing with weeds and grass complaints will also change. A single notice of violation will be provided and the property owner will have fourteen days to maintain the lawn.   If violations remain after the fourteen day notice has expired, the lawn will be mowed by the Unified Government or a contractor working for the Unified Government, and the owner of the property billed for the hours and an Administrative Citation can be issued.

An Administrative Citation, has been adopted, and can be applied to abatement processes. This process would add a fine in addition to the fee if the work isn’t completed by the re-inspection. For each failure to comply in a timely manner, the fine increases from $100.00 to $250.00 to $500.00. Each failed re-inspection after will be for $500.00.

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