UG Seeking to Build on Village West’s Momentum

Village West is the top tourist draw in Kansas and a boom to our economy. It attracts 10 million visitors and generates more than $25 million in property and sales tax revenue every year.

But Mayor/CEO Mark Holland wants to expand on this progress and believes we can make Village West an even bigger draw. Holland says he is encouraged about Request for Proposals (RFP) for a 30,000 to 50,000 square foot convention center and 225-room hotel that staff recently released to development firms to solicit ideas for the project.

“The time is right to build a new hotel and convention center in Village West. As successful as Village West is, I am confident that it has plenty of room for growth,” says Mayor Holland. “Sporting KC, Kansas Speedway, and the T-Bones bring visitors in from March to October, but we do not yet have the capacity to equal those crowds during the winter months. A convention center would do that.”

The vision for a convention center and hotel dates to the mid-2000s when the UG and Hollywood Casino entered an agreement that called for the casino to build one. The agreement stipulated that if the casino did not break ground on a convention center and hotel, it would give the UG $1.3 to $1.5 million a year until it did. The UG has been collecting that money for the last two years.

“As nice as it is to have that revenue source, I’d rather have a convention center!” Holland says.

You can read more about the RFP in this Kansas City Star article.

Proposals are due March 16.

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