UG Launches New Site to Help Businesses Looking to Relocate

The UG announces the launch of a new online management system that provides easier access to information pertaining to zoning ordinances, land development regulations and municipal and county codes.

Choosing a business location is one of the most important decisions to make for a small business owner or startup company. EnCode Plus is a new internet cloud-based editing and presentation system that makes it easier for a business to find zoned property that is currently for sale and properties that are available for lease. The user has easy access to sale and leasing documentation on all commercially listed properties in Kansas City, Kansas to help them choose the right property and business location for their purpose.

“Awesome site!,” says Scott Warren, who is looking to relocate his business to KCK and is a first user of the UG’s new planning and development codes system.  “I spent some time poking around this afternoon. Your assistant called me and scheduled a meeting for Thursday with you and George. I’m looking forward to it! See you then.”

EnCode Plus is used by many municipalities throughout the country. The Unified Government planners and code writers will now have complete control to…

  • Draft
  • Edit
  • Amend
  • Archive
  • Codify
  • Publish
  • And Display

All aspects of our zoning ordinances and code regulations in-house, which improves transparency and reduces the time between an amendment is adopted and then published.

“We are the First community in the Metro Area and one of a handful in the Nation to provide the entire system for our community.  I think this will revolutionize how businesses are able to make location decisions within our community with the ability to better inform themselves and make better decisions for their businesses!,”  says Director of Planning, Rob Richardson.

The Code plays a vital role in the Unified Government’s efforts to continue the current economic growth as well as encourage new development and renovation that helps improve the overall quality of life for residents choosing to live in Wyandotte County.

Richardson also emphasizes, “This site follows the Unified government Commission initiative to pursue innovation within our local government.”

The user can quickly access the desired information through the new format. Any section of the entire Code of Ordinances can be read by clicking on the View button at the top of the page and navigating to the section using the folders displayed on the interactive right side.  You can also search for a particular item by clicking on the Search button. The Favorite Links and Favorite Tables buttons have portions of the Code that are frequently used.

The implementation of EnCode Plus is also part of the government’s mission to improve customer service and access to city and county services.

Other additional features also include:

  • Historical Archiving
  • GIS Interactive mapping

The Maps button provides access to City and County GIS-based map with map layers that include zoning, parcels and Commission districts, and for individual parcels, links to the zoning district regulations and owner/parcel information for the selected property.
The Planning and Development tool ENCODE is now available on the Unified Government’s website at www.wycokck.org/planning  then selecting the Looking to Start a New Businesslink or at http://online.encodeplus.com/regs/kansascity-ks/.

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