U.N. Covering Up Global Cooling?

The U.N. has egg on its globalist face once again. This time it’s over “global warming.” Recent reports show the globe may actually be cooling, not warming (see: Link). This is a major embarrassment to the U.N. which has been promoting the idea of global warming as a means to gain total control over property worldwide for decades now.

“Global Warming Deniers” have been vilified for years as if they were heretics to a new religion, the U.N. religion of “global warming and sustainability and population control” promoted by U.N. fear mongers.

The New American Magazine in its very well documented article, “Obama & Allies Tell UN to Cover for Lack of Global Warming” (see: Link) explain the details of the cover-up that is taking place at the U.N. to hide the science that shows the entire U.N. promoted “global warming” scare to be a giant hoax.

The U.N. has been seeking to gain control of neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and nations through it’s Agenda 21 Program (see: Agenda 21 and ICLEI in Utah– Link ). It has justified this control because of the global warming dangers posed by allowing people to manage their own property and their own energy.

See Dr. Spencer’s website on global warming: Link
Climategate is now becoming an old story. (See: Climategate II–Link). When Brian Sussman, renowned climatologist, wrote his first book on the subject, “Climategate”, he was castigated by the environmental extremists for denying “global warming” and human caused climate change. The real upset for the liberals was that he exposed it as a hoax. (see: Climategate– Link).

Don’t believe the propaganda the liberal mass media is feeding you. Study this out for yourself and you’ll soon understand what a hoax it all is and what the motivation is behind the hoax. A lot of insiders in the U.N. cabal and it’s cronies are getting rich and plan to get richer by controlling the world populace, national policies, and property through fear of global warming and climate change. (See: The Real Agenda Behind Sustaininability– Link)

Globalists, Environmental Extremists, “Climate Change Fear Mongers” and “Global Warming Fear Mongers” all preach their anti-human growth propaganda that suggests that there are too many humans and that the human population must be controlled. Around the globe they try to foist birth control, a “one-child” policy, and abortion upon us as the answers for the over abundance of humans. They are now starting to preach euthanasia for the elderly as well. Already the effects of their global war on population growth to “save the planet” is yielding stagnant economies and disastrous economic results worldwide. Run from their flawed dogma, propaganda and lies. I’m sick of decades of the “global warming” hysteria, aren’t you?

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