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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MarketIntelligence–SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the release of their Global TV Advertising Market – Procurement Intelligence Report.

The proliferation of digitization in the retail sector and the gradual shift in the consumer’s purchasing pattern are driving the spend growth in the current TV advertising market at a CAGR of 0.06%. Among the end-user segments, the FMCG and the automobile sectors are observed to heavily invest in the TV advertising market with the FMCG segment claiming about 25% of the total market share. However, one of the significant procurement challenges that buyers are facing in this market is the recurring procurement expenditure. Factors promoting price rise and primarily the lack of insights into the specific TV advertising spend management objectives will continue propelling the procurement expenditure incurred by buyers. Request your free sample copy of this TV advertising market procurement intelligence report to know more about the top regions, and access region-specific spend analysis of TV advertising.

Given the factors that pose potential procurement challenges for buyers in the TV advertising market, this procurement intelligence report has focused on specific TV advertising spend management objectives that buyers must achieve to optimize their spend. Some of the TV advertising spend management insights are listed below:

Explore the spend management objectives buyers are adopting to obtain significant cost-savings in a range of markets. Get complimentary access to the platform to get all the ready-to-use procurement intelligence reports.

TV Advertising Spend Management Insight 1

Because of this inflating procurement expenditure incurred by buyers, it is advised that strategic engagement with suppliers will play a critical role in aiding the buyers to realize their TV advertising spend management goals,” says SpendEdge procurement expert Tridib Bora.

The current TV advertising spend analysis offered in this report hints at a significant increase in buyer’s procurement spend. On this note, it is advised that the buyers engage with service providers in the TV advertising market over a long-term contract to avail value-based discounts, low-price integrated campaigns, which in turn helps in reducing the overall cost of the campaign. Such a long-term contract will also facilitate buyers with significant savings on their renewal cost, contract preparation expense, and contract bidding cost.

Request for information to get real-time spend analysis insights into a range of markets and find out SpendEdge can help you achieve your spend management goals in today’s dynamic market.

TV Advertising Spend Management Insight 2

Partnering with suppliers that offer a bundled set of services will help buyers achieve significant cost-savings in the TV advertising market. This should include digital advertising, social media marketing, PR, and crisis management services. Such a strategic partnership will help buyers to achieve their TV advertising spend management goals for a long-run.

Get the TV advertising market procurement intelligence report to know more about the TV advertising spend analysis that can help you identify areas to optimize your procurement spend.

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