TURNing Over A New Leaf: The Grand Opening of Red Hills Art Center

TURNing Over A New Leaf: The Grand Opening of Red Hills Art Center
For many people, autumn is symbolic of change and learning, as temperatures cool, leaves change colors, and children and adults return to school. This month, on September 22nd (the day before the first day of fall), TURN Community Services will celebrate the Grand Opening of Red Hills Art Center, where people with disabilities are “turning over a new leaf”, and changing and learning everyday! The Center provides a soothing and inspiring environment where instructors and volunteers teach and empower people with disabilities to express themselves in artistic ways. By introducing individuals to new materials, methods, and creative processes, participants are experiencing meaningful and personal accomplishments and embracing the new identity of “artist”!
Pat Boyle is a Director of Program Services in Utah County and St. George, and she oversees 7 Day Programs and Art Centers which now serve about 150 people each day. “We are exploring ways of introducing mixed media art, music, and movement to adults who have typically had limited opportunities for creative expression. In fact, many of the people we serve have also lived with limited opportunities to choose and make even simple decisions”. Pat believes that the more we value and have high expectations for the people served by TURN, and the more personal control that we can give them, the greater will be their life satisfaction and their willingness to try new things. “Families have been saying that their family members at the Center have been coming home so much happier. The arts program has truly enriched their life. The use of music and the slower, project-based atmosphere have also resulted in a much calmer group of people. The clients are free to express themselves rather than just doing things the way they’re told. With some guidance, these individuals are choosing projects, colors, mediums, etc”. According to the staff, “We all love it here!”
Come be inspired and watch lives changed before your eyes! TURNing Over A New Leaf: The Grand Opening of Red Hills Art Center, Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 2051 E. Red Hills Parkway, St. George. Drop in any time, 11am to 2pm, and Ribbon Cutting at 12:30pm. Enjoy a lunch of sandwiches and summer fruit, and meet the artists and staff who are TURNing dreams into reality!
TURN Community Services is a non-profit organization founded by parents in 1973 to create alternatives to institutions for their children and other family members with disabilities. In 42 years, TURN has grown to serve over 740 individuals in 11 Utah counties, offering a full range of residential, day, employment, summer camp, family support, and respite services. For more information, please contact the Red Hills Art Center at 435-255-8001, or Dave Hennessey, Associate Director, TURN Community Services, 801-376-6844, or davehennessey@turndreams.org.

TURNing Over A New Leaf: The Grand Opening of Red Hills Art Center”
TURN Community Services' Red Hills Art Center
2051 E. Red Hills Parkway, St. George
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 
Ribbon Cutting at 12:30pm   Drop in any time:  11am to 2pm   Enjoy a lunch of sandwiches and summer fruit!
Dave Hennessey, TURN Community Services, 801-376-6844, davehennessey@turndreams.org


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