Tripping Over Dollars in a Down-turned Market

                            Tripping over Dollars in a Down-turned Market

Too many people find themselves ‘tripping over dollars to pick up pennies’ in a lot of ways these days.  Skimping here and there, cutting costs from every corner they possibly can.  Everyone seems to be ‘pinching pennies’ until they squeal in both personal as well as business budgets.

Says Russ Porath, Sales and Marketing Manager of Eclipse Wireline, “In a downturned market, as we are experiencing, there seems to be a national tendency for businesses to ‘save’ dollars and cents by cutting costs up front on purchases of cheaper or inferior products.”

He notes that all too often these ‘savings’ ended up costing companies more than originally intended for expenditures as experience has shown several times in recent months. More than one customer, whose purchase of a new vehicle, found that it didn’t meet their needs.  The trucks have ended up in Eclipse Wirelines’ bays for re-work, in order to bring them up to the specs they actually needed, in the first place, to do the work they had been purchased for.  Cutting costs, actually turned into much more expense, when these new trucks failed to meet their actual needs.

“They could have spent far less, with one of our new trucks, including warranties, than what they spent initially.  After receiving the trucks and discovering  the incapability’s of the units, the costs only increased by having us ‘re-do’  a unit to get the product they should have gotten in the beginning–if they’d gone with us!” He notes that several clients have spent thousands of dollars on a single unit from other sources and still didn’t get their money’s worth; due to the fact it wasn’t capable of getting the job done that it was intended for.  Eclipse Wireline can construct a truck which will meet any specifications a customer needs for job performance.

Employees at Eclipse Wireline have remained busy in spite of the recent oil and gas industry-wide reduction in workforce.  Diversification in product line has kept the company moving forward.  They remain true to their service oriented and equipment maintenance marketing strategies

As dollars are spent in an investment for a hopeful industry-wide comeback in the near future, it means, that those dollars need to be well spent, today, not only tomorrow.  “We’ve seen downturns in the industry before.  Some company’s weather the storm, and some don’t.  The ones who do follow an old adage to not, ‘Trip over dollars to pick up pennies or dimes…or whatever’.” Says Mr. Porath.  “They stay busy, by making adjustments, and preparing for the future.  A business can’t be fence sitting or waffling on how to spend their pennies.”

If you missed the opportunity to talk with an Eclipse representative when they joined Kenworth Trucks at the OTC show in Houston, Texas the first week of May (booth #1532), and see one of their cased hole trucks, you missed a chance to see why they are still in business.  Quality craftsmanship and a finesse for detail goes into each and every unit, even before the warranty and service are added.

So, instead of ‘tripping over dollars’, as we hopefully see a market turn around over the next few months; company’s must be decisive as they plan to make ‘pennies pay dividends’ with smart investments and purchases of viable equipment that will last and perform for the long-haul.


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