Trans-Pacific Partnership- What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

We often hear ??Ÿ?¦?What you don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t know won??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t hurt you.??Ÿ?¦? That may be true right up to the point that you finally do ??Ÿ?¦?know.??Ÿ?¦? For example when the secretly held Wansee Conference of the Nazi government was convened in the confiscated home of a wealthy Jew from Wansee, Germany the Jews of Germany and Europe were blissfully unaware of what was being discussed there. Those Jews, ignorant of approaching doom, were not immediately hurt, for the evil-plot had not yet blossomed into open action and was yet a secret to them. But the secretive conspiratorial conference members were busy setting up their planning of their ??Ÿ?¦?Final Solution??Ÿ?¦? design for the complete extermination of the Jewish population of Europe and when German and European Jews finally found out about the ??Ÿ?¦?Final Solution??Ÿ?¦? they were indeed hurt by it. Millions of Jews were even murdered by a German-government gone bad in the hands of a dangerous few. Nothing is more murderous than government turned to evil purposes by conspiring power-hungry men with virtually no morals to reign in their designs to within moral limits. Just blindly trusting government won??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t keep you free or safe, will it?

It is said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. That means the price of freedom is the citizens??Ÿ?¦Ÿ?? vigilance over their government??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s doings. The media of course is supposed to be the ??Ÿ?¦?watchdog??Ÿ?¦? that will alert us if government is planning or doing something against our best interests, but we??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ve seen failures to warn, failures of the establishment-controlled media as it often focusses our attention on some distraction while something we don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t see is going on.

While Americans are busy with their jobs, Church activities, hobbies, viewing favorite TV shows, or their favorite football games, or attending functions like marriages and funerals, what is being carried out by federal government operatives beneath their radar that could harm them in the future?

What was it King Henry IV upon his deathbed advised his son and heir in the fourth act of the play? He advised: ??Ÿ?¦?I ??Ÿ?¦?? had a purpose now to lead out many to the Holy Land, lest rest and lying still might make them look too near unto my state. Therefore, my Harry, Be it thy course, to busy giddy minds
with foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out, May waste the memory of the former days.??Ÿ?¦? So while or giddy minds are busy with the news of foreign quarrels inside and with Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan what plot is afoot that we miss?

While Americans are busy watching the ongoing discussions about a war on Syria and questions of whether Iran would then make war on us, what is happening that the establishment media isn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t telling us about?

How many Americans at this juncture, outside of those who read THE NEW AMERICAN magazine, or those who monitor White House website postings have even heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that our President and his State Department minions are negotiating ever so quietly and out of our sight? Maybe Americans will begin hearing about the new entanglement being planned for us to ??Ÿ?¦?partner??Ÿ?¦? the US with elven Pacific Rim nations after it is a fait accompli but it is unlikely by then that they will be able to do much to influence Congress to overturn the ??Ÿ?¦?partnership.??Ÿ?¦?

We??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ve been told that Barack Hussein Obama??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s presidency would be a very transparent administration, but if you??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ve been watching through the first term and into this second term you know that has not been the case. Instead we??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ve seen scandal and cover-up like during the ??Ÿ?¦?Fast and Furious??Ÿ?¦? government gun-running scandal, the scandal over the Benghazi incident, and the IRS Scandal where the IRS has been persecuting Tea Party groups. The same is true concerning the negotiations for creation of a Trans-Pacific Partnership with eleven Pacific-Rim nations. Americans have hardly heard a peep about the process underway to bring about some kind of supra-national partnership with eleven foreign governments and our federal government.

Yes, President Obama??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s White House website did make an innocuous announcement in November 2012 and here??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s what that announcement said:

??Ÿ?¦?Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaders Statement

We, the Leaders of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam, are pleased to announce today the broad outlines of a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement among our nine countries. We are delighted to have achieved this milestone in our common vision to establish a comprehensive, next-generation regional agreement that liberalizes trade and investment and addresses new and traditional trade issues and 21st-century challenges. We are confident that this agreement will be a model for ambition for other free trade agreements in the future, forging close linkages among our economies, enhancing our competitiveness, benefitting our consumers and supporting the creation and retention of jobs, higher living standards, and the reduction of poverty in our countries.

Building on this achievement and on the successful work done so far, we have committed here in Honolulu to dedicate the resources necessary to conclude this landmark agreement as rapidly as possible. At the same time, we recognize that there are sensitive issues that vary for each country yet to be negotiated, and have agreed that together, we must find appropriate ways to address those issues in the context of a comprehensive and balanced package, taking into account the diversity of our levels of development. Therefore, we have instructed our negotiating teams to meet in early December of this year to continue their work and furthermore to schedule additional negotiating rounds for 2012.
We are gratified by the progress that we are now able to announce toward our ultimate goal of forging a pathway that will lead to free trade across the Pacific. We share a strong interest in expanding our current partnership of nine geographically and developmentally diverse countries to others across the region. As we move toward conclusion of an agreement, we have directed our negotiating teams to continue talks with other trans-Pacific partners that have expressed interest in joining the TPP in order to facilitate their future participation.??Ÿ?¦?

The website is where this little statement is found is here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/trans-pacific-partnership-leaders-statement

Since the statement above was posted on the White House website Canada has joined in the mix and Japan has been seeking to join the TPP. The above White House statement sounds like this Tans Pacific Partnership is so beneficial for every country involved that we needn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t worry because those trusted ??Ÿ?¦?negotiating teams??Ÿ?¦? are hard at work to supposedly take ??Ÿ?¦?into account the diversity of our levels of development.??Ÿ?¦?

Of course that assurance says nothing about taking into account the vast differences between the political beliefs, political establishments, laws, constitutions, and levels of freedom in each country. Nothing is said about protecting our God-given Rights that have in the past been protected and guaranteed under our Constitution and thus one wonders what kind of supra-national governmental structures will take shape above our country which bodies will decisions will supposedly be superseding our laws. Nothing is mentioned about that. Are we to assume ??Ÿ?¦?all is well??Ÿ?¦? and we can just blindly trust the expert bureaucrats negotiating behind closed doors to work things in our individual best interests?

If the details of the agreement are not available for citizens to read and if Congressmen too are being denied access to the full partnership agreement can we expect another ??Ÿ?¦?fast one??Ÿ?¦? to be pulled over on us? Why else would the negotiators be so secretive and claim to be working in haste?

A year earlier, here is what the Obama Administration??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s website published on the topic of the TPP:

??Ÿ?¦?For Immediate Release
November 12, 2011
FACT SHEET: The United States in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Obama announced in November 2009 the United States??Ÿ?¦Ÿ?? intention to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to conclude an ambitious, next-generation, Asia-Pacific trade agreement that reflects U.S. priorities and values. Through this agreement, we are seeking to boost U.S. economic growth and support the creation and retention of high-quality jobs at home by increasing American exports to a region that includes some of the world??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s most robust economies and that represents more than 40 percent of global trade. The Obama Administration has been working in partnership with Congress and consulting closely with stakeholders around the country to ensure TPP addresses the issues that American businesses and workers are facing today, and may confront in the future.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Framework
The United States, along with Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam are working to craft a high-standard agreement that addresses new and emerging trade issues and 21st-century challenges. The agreement will include:
Core issues traditionally included in trade agreements, including industrial goods, agriculture, and textiles as well as rules on intellectual property, technical barriers to trade, labor, and environment.
Cross-cutting issues not previously in trade agreements, such as making the regulatory systems of TPP countries more compatible so U.S. companies can operate more seamlessly in TPP markets, and helping innovative, job-creating small- and medium-sized enterprises participate more actively in international trade.

New emerging trade issues such as addressing trade and investment in innovative products and services, including digital technologies, and ensuring state-owned enterprises compete fairly with private companies and do not distort competition in ways that put U.S. companies and workers at a disadvantage.

Leading Asia-Pacific Regional Integration Initiative
The TPP is the most credible pathway to broader Asia-Pacific regional economic integration. After nine rounds of negotiations, the nine countries made solid progress and have now achieved the broad outlines of an agreement. During their meeting on the margins of the APEC meeting in Honolulu, the TPP Leaders agreed to seek to conclude the agreement as quickly as possible and instructed their negotiators to expedite their work. The nine countries also welcomed the interest expressed by other countries in joining the agreement and will begin bilateral processes with these interested countries to discuss their readiness and ambition to meet the standards and objectives of the TPP. Once these bilateral processes have concluded, all current Parties will decide on inclusion of new members by consensus.

American Competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific
The TPP is a key element of the Obama Administration strategy to make U.S. engagement in the Asia-Pacific region a top priority. The huge and growing markets of the Asia-Pacific already are key destinations for U.S. manufactured goods, agricultural products, and services suppliers. As a group, TPP countries are the fourth largest goods and services export market of the United States. U.S. goods exports to the broader Asia-Pacific totaled $775 billion in 2010, a 25.5 percent increase over 2009 and equal to 61 percent of total U.S. goods exports to the world. U.S. exports of agricultural products to the region totaled $83 billion in 2010 and accounted for 72 percent of total U.S. agricultural exports to the world. U.S. private services exports totaled $177 billion in 2009 (latest data available), 37 percent of total U.S. private services exports to the world. America??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s small- and medium-sized enterprises alone exported $171 billion to the Asia-Pacific in 2009 (latest data available).??Ÿ?¦?

There you have it. Just as when Presidents George H. W. Bush and later Bill Clinton sought to sell us all on the great value of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) we are again promised that this trans-national ??Ÿ?¦?partnership??Ÿ?¦? is to bring America more jobs and that we??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ll keep those we have. We??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??re assured that America will keep its high-quality jobs. Is that what we??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??ve seen in the past when such trade agreements are negotiated? NAFTA??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s conclusion was to see manufacturing jobs shift from American cities to cities in Mexico and Canada. Today Canada builds our cars and Mexico makes surgical supplies and garments etc. for us as our manufacturing businesses moved abroad for cheaper labor and laxer environmental laws. What about when in 1992 Communist China was given Most Favored Nation Status and when China was granted Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with the USA? There was a ??Ÿ?¦?great sucking sound??Ÿ?¦? as one political candidate observed, the sound of jobs sucked out of the USA.

Unfortunately those promoting the TPP process admire the process that brought together into a political and economic union 27 European nation now caught in the trap of the European Union (EU) that has so destroyed the independence of those captured nation states.

The White House Fact Sheet tells us that the TPP is going to conclude agreements on much more than trade. It will be looking at ??Ÿ?¦?rules on intellectual property, technical barriers to trade, labor, and environment??Ÿ?¦? regulations too. Let??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s just speculate a little. Look out Americans your access dependable electricity may well come under fire as coal generation of electricity draws attention from the new supra-nation rule makers. What if international bureaucrats who have swallowed the nonsense about global warming caused by mankind??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s carbon releases decide America should shut down its coal-fired electric generation plants because they want windmill generation? The EPA is already working on such shut downs, but what if an international agreement accelerates the process? My point is that we don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t really know what to expect from the hidden pages of the agreement. All we have is the small ??Ÿ?¦?Fact Sheet??Ÿ?¦? information that is all so fluffy and nice without any real details to look at.

Something as overarching as the Trans-Pacific Partnership shouldn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t be hidden from the voters nor be pushed through on a fast-track process to prevent congress from doing its job of oversight. We the people should have a very good look at the documents to see what is hidden within to favor multinational corporations, to pool our sovereignty with foreign government diminishing our independence and eventually compromising the God-given RIGHTS Americans cherish.

But there is another “Partnership” between governments also being brought into existence with a goal of being completed by 2015- The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a partnership between the USA and the European Union (EU). We fought a war for independence now the globalists are seeking to integrate America with the European Union! If you know anything about the sovereignty-destroying EU that has taken away the independence of 27 nations!

Back in March of 2013, Art Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society warned that the Free Trade Partnerships are not about “free trade” but are about global governance as the Council on Foreign Relations publication FOREIGN AFFAIRS pointed out. Listen here:

Should we be warned? William F. Jasper published an article in the September 2nd, 2013 special-issue of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine titled: “REGIONAL SCHEME FOR THE PACIFIC RIM” that does just that, warns us of all kinds of traps already showing up in leaked TPP documents. Should Americans be telling their Congressmen now not to approve any Trans-Pacific Partnership(TTP)or Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union either. This is not a trust-worthy process. Americans warn your neighbors. Let us stay an Independent country of sovereign States and keep ourselves and our posterity free as well.


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