TradeMiner: Giving You a Better Way to Trade in Stocks, Futures and Forex

There is some software on the market that is built on the premise that markets move in cycles and trends. The TradeMiner software is built on this premise which helps you know how to recognize these trends and understand how they work. If you, as a trader, are paying attention to when these cycles are most likely to occur, you will make more informed trading decisions.

TradeMiner gives you the ability to dig through years of historical stock price data; of all the stocks that are listed in the S&P 500, the Dow 30, the Nasdaq 100, as well as hundreds more stocks and ETF????????s. In addition, this powerful software will sort through the data and help you decide what to trade and when to trade.

TradeMiner allows you to easily analyze the historical price data of these actively traded stocks so that you will be able to quickly uncover cycles and trends that meet your search criteria. The TradeMiner software is user friendly and allows you to enter your search criteria in a paragraph format. With simple formats and commands, this software is intuitive and allows you to get started mining quickly.

There are two basic steps to the mining process and two basic screens (Mine tab and Portfolio tab). The Mine tab is for your search criteria and where you get your results. The results are ranked according to the individual score of each trade with the best trades showing first. Stocks can be sorted by the type of position you want to take (ie, buy or sell), stock symbol of the trade, enter/exit dates plus other characteristics. Charts which are included are: the equity curve, showing the historical return characteristics of the trade; a histogram with year over year profit and loss data; a pie chart which shows the average risk and average reward of the trade.

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TradeMiner is a great tool for any trader who wants to gain an investing edge by mining through filing cabinets of historical stock information while analyzing cycles and trends in order to find potential trading opportunities. The software is based on complex mathematical formulas which allows TradeMiner to quickly mine, sort and organize large amounts of historical data, the simple interface makes using the software easy.

By giving each user the ability to identify the market trends and cycles, the TradeMiner software is definitely a ??????Buy Now?????? for any trader who is looking for a statistical edge in the markets.


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