Top three winter activities in Cache Valley

Winter can seem like a dreary time of the year in northern Utah. The sun disappears, the temperatures drop well below freezing and the roads turn deadly. Although staying indoors is a tempting offer, getting outside will make winter much more enjoyable.


Cache Valley has some of the best snow on Earth. Why not take advantage of it by going skiing? Skiing is not only a great way to beat winter blues, but is also a fun and easy way to stay in shape.

Located in Cache Valley, Beaver Mountain Ski Resort has a variety of slopes to fit your skill level. The well-maintained slopes are relatively safe, but make sure that you stay out of hazardous slopes if you are not ready for them.

While Beaver Mountain is a great place to spend an afternoon, Cache Valley is also home to Logan Canyon. Logan Canyon, particularly Tony Grove, offers challenging back country skiing spots. However, keep in mind that Logan Canyon is not maintained like a ski resort. Don????????t expect to find chairlifts and keep a keen eye out for avalanche warnings.


Though skiing is great, it????????s definitely not for everyone. Another winter activity that draws people from all over to Cache Valley is snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a great way to see the true beauty of Cache Valley in the winter time. Once again, Logan Canyon offers great hidden treasures for snowmobilers.

If you????????ve never been and want to pick up snowmobiling, it can be expensive. Instead of buying a snowmobile, consider renting one. Beaver Creek Lodge is located in Logan Canyon and is a great place to rent and ride a snowmobile.

Viewing elk at Hardware Ranch

Hardware Ranch is also a great spot for snowmobiling, but that????????s not all it has to offer. Viewing elk in their natural habitat can be done at Hardware Ranch.

The ranch offers sleigh rides for the whole family that take you straight to the wild elk. Sleigh rides start on December 13.

Though they are beautiful, remember that these creatures are wild. Keep a safe distance and stick to designated areas. Also remember to dress warmly as you will be outside.

Though winter has grey skies and frigid temperatures, make the best out of it. See the astonishing beauty of freshly fallen snow while skiing or snowmobiling. Get a front row seat to view wild elk at Hardware Ranch. These winter activities will have you looking forward to the next snowfall instead of dreading it.


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