"Tomorrow is Our Purpose"

ISAE-SUPAERO launches its brand film

TOULOUSE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ISAE-SUPAERO unveils its brand film “Tomorrow
is our purpose”
. This institutional short film reflects the
aim of ISAE-SUPAERO – to position itself as the global leader in higher
education in the field of aeronautical and space engineering. This
manifesto breaks away from the codes and traditional world of higher
education and research; it draws upon emotion to inspire the viewer.

When ISAE-SUPAERO fulfills its promise

The film begins with the camera focused on Léo Richard, designer of the
flying car and sponsor of the 2058 graduate year, who has returned to
the ISAE-SUPAERO campus.

In an intimate atmosphere, this graduate of the class of 2018 wanders
around campus, rediscovering its sites. At the same time, the viewer
follows a young student in various situations on campus and in the
research and teaching faculties. The young man slips a letter into a
book in the library before joining his group of friends. The
relationship between the young man and his older self is developed
through short sequences, until the link between these two protagonists
becomes clear.

This film ends with the words “Tomorrow is our purpose”, which
expresses the promise of ISAE-SUPAERO: give its students the keys to
unlock the world of tomorrow. Created in 1909, ISAE-SUPAERO is the
oldest aeronautical engineering school in the world. Its alumni include
pioneers and visionaries such as Pierre Satre, father of the Caravelle
and Henri Coanda, designer of the jet plane; inventors – Henry Potez,
inventor of the aerial propeller, explorers – the astronauts
Jean-François Clervoy and Thomas Pesquet, as well as major
industrialists such as Marcel Dassault, founder of the Dassault Group,
Jacqueline Cohen-Bacrie, chief engineer of the A350 and Charles
Champion, director of the A380 program. All these individuals were
driven by excellence, passion and dedicated to building the world of the

Support brand strategy

The whole ISAE-SUPAERO community (students, alumni, teachers, partners,
guardians, etc.) has been involved, over several months, in the
reflection process in order to capture the values, reputation and true
essence of the institute.

Film technical credits:
Production: Bproduction
Lucie Fièvre
Directory of photography: Pierre Audric Gadeau
director: Cédric Gavillet
Production director: Benjamin Girard
Julien Costa

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