Tips for Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Tips for Making Your Clothes Last Longer

When you buy new clothes, you may not think about how long you expect to wear them. As easy as it is to throw them into the washer and dryer after you’ve worn them, there are several extra steps you can take to make sure you can wear them well into the future. Take a look at the best tips for making your clothes last longer.

Use a Clothesline

Not only can using a clothesline reduce the damage your dryer can do, but it’s also an effective method for saving on electricity. Tossing your clothes indeterminately into the dryer can risk overheating and shrinking your clothes. As long as it’s not too cold or wet outside, this is a tried-and-true method of drying. It takes more time than your electric dryer, but it adds time to the life of your clothing.

Wet Cleaning

Your clothes that say they are “dry clean only” aren’t dry clean only. Dry cleaning doesn’t even mean dry; it’s just a process that doesn’t use water. As a result, the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning that treat clothes can cause damage over time. This is where wet cleaning comes in—it is a healthier process that uses more gentle, water-soluble chemicals and then rinses them. You can use this method on any “dry clean only” materials.

Cut Detergent With Baking Soda

One of the easiest tips for making your clothes last longer is to use about half of the recommended amount of detergent in your laundry and add a half cup of baking soda to it. Too much detergent can make your clothes stiff, so reducing how much you use can add longevity to your clothes. The baking soda acts as a detergent booster, meaning you get the same from the detergent without using the same amount of chemicals.

Clothes cost too much money to treat them recklessly. So, by following these simple steps, you could potentially add years to the lifespans of your favorite outfits. Use a clothesline, reduce your detergent, and try wet cleaning to keep your clothes feeling fresh and comfortable.