Tips for Becoming an Effective Warehouse Manager

Tips for Becoming an Effective Warehouse Manager

Warehouses serve an important purpose in the supply chain. They house goods for businesses, manufacturers, importers, and exporters as a major distributor. Within warehouses are bustling teams of inventory managers, forklift drivers, quality assurance specialists, and more. There are also warehouse managers who supervise and oversee all daily operations. Being a warehouse manager is no easy task. Anyone curious about the position must check out these tips for becoming an effective warehouse manager to master the job.

Talk to Your Employees

One of the simplest ways to become an effective warehouse manager is to talk to your employees. While some managers might think being a disciplinarian or authoritarian leads to success, this attitude results in negativity and can lead to a high turnover rate. Remember that your workers are humans. Treat them with respect and understanding. Talk to them about their work or lives. Know their names, their families, and their backgrounds. The more effort you put into your team, the greater trust builds between you and them, and you’ll see the productivity of all your employees’ skyrocket.

Implement a Warehouse Managing System

Technology has come a long way and has only further evolved warehousing and other supply chain operations. Take advantage of innovative technology at your disposal. Use tablets or smart devices for real-time data entry. Surveillance cameras and two-way radios are also a couple of ways to improve warehouse security. Since logistical efficiency is the ultimate goal of your warehouse, technology reduces theft, downtime, and mismanagement at your site.

Conduct Regular Training

It’s equally important that your employees understand how to perform their jobs and duties efficiently. If someone forgets or is slow to perform their tasks, don’t penalize them. Instead, offer regular training to keep your workers knowledgeable and skilled. Additionally, on-site training can lead to greater advancement opportunities for experienced workers. The more knowledgeable your team is, the more efficient your warehouse operations will be.

Don’t Forget the Important Numbers or Figures

As a warehouse manager, it’s important for you to keep track of numbers and figures. After all, you’re in charge of the warehouse’s inventory as well as cargo pick up and drop off. To ensure operations run smoothly, you must keep in mind the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals of the site. Keeping in mind customers, vendors, shipments, and transportation all help you further improve your warehouse’s operations for continual improvement and success.