Times are tough. . .walking on HOT rocks with COLD feet ~

The ??????Sex Drive?????? of Economics & Financial Stability. . .

Hello everyone. . .I hope you are having a very good day,

In this issue of my most recent column, I would like to provide to you some education as to what is going on overseas (and believe me this situation matters) and what repercussions it will have on those of us in the United States. That????????s because somewhere in time, somebody (or group of people) made some VERY bad decisions. Their decisions led to an even worse situation ~ a market going out of control by every person participating hoping they would, ??????Get rich quick!?????? After all, isn????????t it money that really matters? Or is it silver and gold? Keep reading because this should turn out to be an exposure of things that are taking place with our world economy and will explain why you will soon be paying a great deal more for products, services and gasoline than ever before.

Who says money doesn????????t matter? It????????s time to take a break because it is possible a great deal of tension will be created by the content herein. The only thing we all can do (for now) is to live with the circumstances of our past decisions. Let????????s listen to a classic. As the Beatles once said in a brilliant song:

Let It Be:

I believe this year is going to be very interesting. I would think that it is going to be Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the republican ticket. Since the democrats have proved as all they can do is fail, I don????????t understand why anyone would vote for them. At least this time around we have some honorable contestants in line for the Republic Party. I????????m a person who looks at things in a logical manner. However, outcomes may never be logical without other logical people. One can????????t speak logic to a person who is overly opinionated. Failure to listen to the people is one of the reasons that has destroyed our economy. Can we come back? Not with the leadership we have right now. Four more years of this crap and we will all be on the streets. And I????????m not joking!

Did any of you notice how silver blew through the point of resistance? I hope you did. Gold continues to rise, as well. However, it appears to me that silver is a much better investment at this time. Let????????s take a short break before we go on. This newsletter was made to be simple. The more challenging things can be found here:


Right now, we????????re going to take another break for music. Refill your glass while the music is playing ~~

Eddie Money ~ Two Tickets to Paradise. . .

In the information thread that is posted above, you will find all of the research that backs the statements made in this newsletter. I created that newsletter for my research. I????????m tired of hearing the mass media pronounce that the Obama administration is going to punish the very people they are placing on the streets of America. There is something very wrong that is going on. And intelligent Americans are figuring it out via communication through the Internet. It is obvious that Obama doesn????????t understand how to run a country. He and his wife appear to be taking advantage of the situation, however. Parties here and there while the economy is being set to rest six foot underground.

I????????d like to know who the idiots are that are proclaiming we are in a state of economic recovery. This economy isn????????t recovering. Who in the name of God do they think they are fooling. I have the most recent numbers listed on my blogging thread. Thank you Anne for providing me with the numbers on the charts you provided.

For now, let????????s take another break for one more song. This is for the aggressive lover that resides within all of you. It also has a hidden message ~

I Treasure Your Love ~ (Meatloaf)

I guess this latest edition of ??????Mark????????s Column?????? was to encourage young people to control their spending, and to encourage adults to reduce debt. Trust me, it is also geared to show the government to STOP SPENDING! Take a look at these numbers folks:


After looking at that chart, watch this. . .(oh, we????????ll see how many can make it through all of the sessions. At least we make it ??????fun?????? on this thread).

Punk Economics II ~

So now how many of you think the financial systems are stable?

Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. When you get there, go higher.

Peacefully yours,

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities
(Please feel free to forward this information to everyone on your email list that may benefit from the information contained herein. In particular, forward it to the White House. The address is listed on my blogging thread.)


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