Timelines of Police Responses to Demonstrations

Since May 29th, the Seattle Police Department has managed a series of ongoing, dynamic demonstrations across the city.

To provide an overview of the Seattle Police Department’s response to these events, SPD is publishing a timeline of events as documented by the Seattle Police Operational Command in real-time.

These logs reflect radio traffic from officers and commanders responding to rapidly evolving events, spanning multiple precincts. Please note this is not a comprehensive timeline of all events reported, nor a complete damage assessment, details of events are based on information available at the time the log was created.

The Seattle Police Department will continue to update these event logs with information on any additional large-scale events which may occur.


1:55:42 PM Caravan coming across 520, headed to U-village, Per Capt. Sano
2:12:18 PM Will begin to trespass people
2:29:45 PM shutting down entrance
2:42:42 PM Sound Transit is shutting down UW station
  Specifically warn people to leave the property
2:57:55 PM group of 10 at southwest entrance, were turned around and are heading down the ramp/trail
3:14:16 PM subjects walking behind QFC
3:16:20 PM subjects are hooded and masked
3:18:46 PM groups advised that U Village is closed, they are moving along as well as the other group on foot
3:20:30 PM block off alley behind Safeway
3:23:05 PM bike unit check out west side of U Village, bunch of people walking in
3:27:33 PM large group east of 45th, crowd size is approx 40-50
3:30:17 PM group is marching on the sidewalk, westbound on 45th.
3:37:17 PM Crowd is westbound on 45th over the hill/overpass
3:43:51 PM 15-20 have exited the Safeway lot and are walking off
3:48:46 PM Group taking over the road 45th/15th
3:53:16 PM possible group gathering at O’Reilly’s – approximately 30 people
4:05:40 PM Per UWPD, group march to U district is on the way back, approx 40 people, eastbound on 45th crossing 17th.
4:09:49 PM Crowd growing putting hoods and masks on
4:25:45 PM need dispersal order for alley for private property
4:26:10 PM Unit 226 can give the dispersal
4:27:55 PM inside stairwell, property damage taking place
4:29:15 PM 226- dispersal order given
4:34:11 PM Looting at Safeway at NE 45th – 60 people in the lot, 40 inside- 10-15 more cars, cars in the back
4:35:11 PM 226- 3rd dispersal order given, SWAT is moving people out
4:36:31 PM officer getting assaulted behind Safeway per citizen
4:37:26 PM looters through Burgermaster lot eastbound
4:39:12 PM  Male white, bullet proof vest, camo, has gun..
4:45:01 PM Advise everyone, person allegedly has gun, is the person bleeding from the head UW has him in custody
4:48:03 PM Burke Gilman/Blakey, group of 10, one with hammer, red hoodie, dark pants, subject with hammer waving it at people
4:48:59 PM Man on 45th giving out bottle rockets/fireworks
4:51:48 PM a lot of vehicle unloading at Burgermaster
4:58:03 PM Four to five people fighting, one subject with gun, northbound on 15th
5:05:37 PM Man with skateboard handing out fireworks at the chainlink fence
5:08:01 PM Crowd indicated they are using a police scanner…
5:23:58 PM Man in group of 10 brandished firearm, far west edge of University Place
6:18:18 PM sending squad of National Guard for relief…
6:26:53 PM Large group showing up here. Approximately 40 at Safeway
6:30:17 PM National Guard says crowd trying to get through fence… units will check it out
7:27:39 PM QFC- approximately 17 walking, trying to throw water bottles, missed officers
7:37:31 PM Regarding earlier incident with potential shots fired, report that an employee of grocery store (QFC or Safeway) was boarding up the store, got in an altercation with a protestor(s). To defend himself, he pulled a gun, protestor(s) backed off and reported man with gun. UWPD picked up the man, who was bleeding because he was assaulted. UW assisted with medical resources, which is why he was unable to be located
7:39:29 PM last of the protestors leaving the alley
9:16:43 PM per U Village IC: will let group stay until 2300 will then give dispersal, hoping to have things wrapped up by midnight
11:52:47 PM event has concluded.


2:22:19 PM 75 protesters at Westlake park
2:28:56 PM 75-100 now at Westlake
2:29:17 PM National Guard deploying
2:56:26 PM 10 or so masked up at library
2:58:21 PM Check 1000 4 Avenue for masked up protesters with bats
3:08:55 PM National Guard has deployed
3:13:47 PM Crowd is 500+ making contact with group and will escort if marching. If unlawful conduct, group will be moved to the south
3:18:59 PM Group has leaf blowers
3:21:01 PM Group plans to march to court house and then back, part of route on 3rd Ave
3:37:26 PM crowd size increasing
3:50:04 PM crowd size now over 1000
3:53:58 PM Officer struck by rock/unknown injury
3:59:33 PM crowd size now over 1500
4:07:54 PM crowd stopping at Federal Building
4:21:24 PM crowd stopped at 3rd and James
4:32:45 PM Estimates 2500 in group now
4:38:05 PM Group giving speeches at City Hall Park, may move at anytime
4:43:40 PM Some in group starting to mask up at 3rd and James
4:45:50 PM two separate groups
4:56:54 PM Male in orange jersey picking up rocks at 516 James Street
5:00:42 PM Subjects attempting to destroy bike
5:05:42 PM Man trying to break into a medic van
5:08:06 PM Group now approximately 4000, now heading to Westlake, northbound on 4th Ave
5:09:02 PM group of 6 on south side 6/James, one has large stick
5:16:22 PM Used blast ball to disperse disturbance at 4/Columbia
5:27:16 PM Group is 2 1/2 blocks long
5:37:19 PM Arrest 4/University, need transport
5:40:06 PM Crowd now approximately 7000, crowd talking about marching to East Precinct
6:04:03 PM WSP may be shutting down I-5
6:04:34 PM Bottles thrown at officers at 5/Pine, and I-5 will be shut down
6:12:49 PM Approaching Boren
6:28:31 PM crowd members trespassing on scaffolding at Boren and Pine
6:34:21 PM head of march on Bellevue and Pine
  sneaker city just looted
6:46:59 PM Officers needs help at 2nd and Pine
6:47:35 PM under control, 2/pine/no additional info
6:52:00 PM march stopping often, still not to broadway
6:54:59 PM head of march at Harvard, still eb
6:57:37 PM tail of march, summit and pine
7:11:17 PM march stopped at police line, 11th and pine
7:12:53 PM crown at 11 and pine, now all on knees
  group moving s/b on 11th ave
8:09:04 PM now part of the group at 12 and pike
8:14:52 PM now n/b from 13th and pike
8:15:51 PM now n/b from 13th and pine, continuing n/b
8:41:57 PM 13 Pine Disperse, NB from 13/Pine
8:50:23 PM Some of group moving nb
8:54:11 PM Fireworks @ 13/Pine
8:55:35 PM 2000 marchers,
  15 E/Madison southside3 Males w/backpacks w/bats, walking WB
9:04:16 PM they are attempting to push through barricade
9:04:28 PM we need more units they are pushing hard
9:04:37 PM need support 11/pine
9:04:52 PM all units push…. Deploy OC
9:06:08 PM Group pushed through fence line, activate cameras, threw 1 bottle
9:07:45 PM Mask up, not allowed to push again
9:09:08 PM Several in group with umbrellas
9:09:21 PM All Units goggles & masks
9:10:15 PM Per IC deploy blast balls & CS
9:11:18 PM Crowd breaking up now
9:11:33 PM Some headed south, some headed west
9:13:55 PM Largest group headed southbound on 11th/Union
9:22:15 PM Mob is over 80 running WB on Pike WB
9:22:26 PM Taking bottles, rocks & pyro
9:22:59 PM 100 now all in black wb Pike from Broadway
9:26:13 PM Group 150-200 @ Cal Anderson Park
9:28:07 PM Declaring a Riot 216
9:29:00 PM PA announcement
9:29:17 PM Patrol vehicle needed for dispersal order
9:29:36 PM Car tried to hit an officer
9:31:16 PM Rolling dumpsters down the hill in front of Hugo House at 11 Ave
9:33:14 PM Preparing to give dispersal
9:34:45 PM Individuals throwing rocks & bottles pushing north
9:38:28 PM going to head back to westlake, crowd of 100 at Westlake
9:44:14 PM group of 30 nb on 12th on w side of street
9:46:21 PM 500 running wb towards downtown
9:48:14 PM Group at Pine and Boren confrontational, throwing things, jumping on things
9:49:11 PM 500 crossing Boren overpass
9:50:35 PM National guard enroute to Westlake
9:50:58 PM Assault rifle @ the Ihop parking lot in grey car
9:52:30 PM 1 injured officer being treated @ East Precinct
9:54:41 PM West Precinct is under control
10:02:17 PM Vehicle fleeing downtown w/rifle / black Dodge Charger
10:03:13 PM Injured officer going to Harborview Medical Center
10:03:23 PM 200 people steady stream Westlake
10:05:10 PM 300-400 at Westlake
10:24:49 PM Group of 300 marching up towards E. pct,
10:39:11 PM 300 headed back to West Pct
10:50:19 PM 300 returning west from East Precinct
10:51:14 PM 100 protestors out with national guard, crowd is hostile
11:03:58 PM Crowd SB on 5th ave
11:07:24 PM crowd at 6/University
11:09:26 PM Group @ University & 5th
11:11:19 PM wb on Spring/6th, per Guardian 1
11:12:16 PM Headed S on 5th from Spring
11:12:55 PM Head wb on Spring
11:13:21 PM stopped @ 5th & Spring
11:17:33 PM crowd size 200
11:17:40 PM Going downhill on 5/spring
11:19:13 PM WB on Spring on 3rd
11:19:26 PM 150-200 crowd size per Guardian 1
11:19:37 PM Male w/ar15 in the middle of the group
11:23:04 PM 2/University group
11:24:04 PM 2/Seneca arrest
11:24:08 PM crowd size NB 2nd 200+
11:24:33 PM NB on 2nd against traffic
11:26:29 PM Male w/AR has been arrested
11:26:50 PM  W/M arrested w/rifle, weapon seized and under control
11:29:01 PM Group approaching Stewart with flares
11:29:23 PM Rifle has been confiscated, compliant suspect headed to pct.  Arrested due to officer safety/hostile crowd
11:34:02 PM shots fired east of 12/Pike
11:34:19 PM violent aggressive crowd, pushing officers refusing to follow orders
11:46:25 PM 1/spring male w/rifle
11:46:41 PM car 21, remind them of civil emergency curfew order regarding weapons
11:48:16 PM 13/Pine shots going off couple blocks east

Additional 6/1 East Precinct Incidents From Separate Radio Channel

10:26:08 PM Approximately 200 11/Pine, another 300 enroute
10:26:53 PM 100 Harvard EB per Guardian One
10:32:49 PM Property damage at Game Stop- broken windows
10:36:57 PM report of male with AR 15 south side, strapped to his chest white male, last report east pct south side in the crowd…. 11/pine intersection- black or brown helmet, on sw west corner
10:38:42 PM per civil emergency order confiscate the firearm
10:38:59 PM bottles and rocks 11/pine
10:40:19 PM Man with rifle south of intersection 11/pine – red beanie
10:40:46 PM if we contact him, we can confiscate the rifle, if he refuses, he can be arrested
10:45:40 PM Westbound on Pike from 10, maybe heading toward Westlake, 300 people approximately
10:48:33 PM group attempting to light a dumpster fire…  individual put dumpster fire out
10:49:34 PM  group is wb pike approaching Boylston
10:53:06 PM head of the group is approaching Belmont
10:54:06 PM group turning NB on Minor
10:54:41 PM info: subject with rifle in the rear just past Bellevue and Pine
10:55:28 PM crowd is west on Pine
10:56:18 PM wb Pine crossing Boren
10:59:07 PM stopped 800 block of Pine
11:00:28 PM they are on the move again
11:02:03 PM 2 males breaking into 7/pike, Regal movie theatre, breached doors
11:03:06 PM Property damage suspects running into crowd

5/31 West and East Precinct

1:12:24 PM at 1500 hrs., protest outside the jail 5/James
1:54:26 PM Report from citizen-White male, blue jeans, black sweatshirt and backpack with possible incendiary devices- Westlake
1:55:40 PM 10 protestors at Hing Hay park
1:57:40 PM group at 5/James
1:59:33 PM units with individual with backpack and possible incendiary devices, another unit requested.
2:06:28 PM 40 at Westlake
2:07:42 PM units to Hing Hay, crowd is about 20, getting hostile
2:09:22 PM 50-60  at Westlake
2:10:36 PM looting in progress at 2/Pike Target
2:11:55 PM group is about 100 at Westlake
2:18:00 PM crowd of protestors heading to Westlake from East
2:30:33 PM treat this as a standard demo, keeping road ways open, will address any acts of violence and property damage
2:32:21 PM looters in Walgreens
2:40:31 PM Approximately 130 at Westlake
2:49:05 PM 300+ at Westlake, so far peaceful
2:50:41 PM spoke with organizer there are a few non peaceful individuals in the crowd, will be pointed out. Organizers intent is to hold a peaceful demo and they do not intend on marching.
3:16:31 PM fireworks thrown near officers near Abercrombie
3:16:51 PM approx 300 at Westlake
3:19:18 PM group at jail is approx 50 and growing
3:23:12 PM group starting to move, nb 5/James… intentionally blocking the intersection
3:40:16 PM march is wb on pine
3:40:22 PM protestors walking with large signs/shields toward 5/james location
3:40:41 PM group of about 500 en route
3:46:27 PM Westlake is now empty
3:48:45 PM over 1000 Marching
3:48:54 PM WSP in front of HQ/City Hall
3:51:31 PM Group is SB on 5th
3:51:58 PM Westlake march is at Columbia, tail is at spring
3:54:11 PM group is north past James
3:55:07 PM group eb on James
3:56:40 PM group broke EB on cherry HQ heads up
3:57:22 PM 2nd group going up 2nd
4:00:27 PM crowd – EB on cherry from 3
4:01:16 PM bottles and rocks thrown at 1st/cherry
4:01:35 PM Give the dispersal order if need
4:01:54 PM unlawful assembly, give the dispersal order…
4:02:07 PM 4/cherry, group giving speeches at city hall
4:03:02 PM dispersal order is being given
4:04:59 PM groups will meet up 4/Cherry
4:07:19 PM group size is approx 1000-1500 on 4/cherry
4:12:15 PM arrest at the rear
  needs medical for officer, 2 arrests
4:16:03 PM main group is at Marion
4:16:35 PM group turned, wb approaching 3/Seneca
4:18:09 PM multiple OC deployments
4:19:51 PM use OC, deploy blast balls
4:20:23 PM taking rocks bottles and cans per 216
4:22:49 PM still taking rocks, going wb
4:23:59 PM dispersal order given
4:24:16 PM rocks, compost bins thrown at officers
4:25:53 PM violent portion north on 4th; as soon as aid to officer is provided, we will leave this intersection
4:28:34 PM Subject shoved then punched officer, subject in crowd sprayed officers with OC, 1 in custody, individual who sprayed is not in custody.
4:42:02 PM large group EB on Union
4:43:43 PM group is at belmont/union approx 300 eb
4:44:01 PM group is at Westlake
4:44:44 PM group is union/boylston
4:47:41 PM group pike/broadway
4:47:56 PM 300-400 broadway/pike
4:50:50 PM large group is assembling at Cal Anderson
4:52:41 PM 10/pine group nb on Nagel
4:54:26 PM group at Westlake appears to be ready to break up…
4:58:18 PM group is nb approaching E Denny on Broadway
5:00:23 PM group is holding at Olive and Broadway
5:00:46 PM group turning WB on olive
5:00:58 PM group it taking the intersection, approx 300
5:01:39 PM group is splitting, one group eb on olive, the others remaining in the intersection
5:05:02 PM group is eb on John from Broadway
5:09:51 PM group is east from 13th
5:10:51 PM officers were pepper sprayed – 4/Seneca
5:21:21 PM group will be EB on pike toward Capitol Hill
5:22:01 PM someone in the front said they are heading back down town
5:25:04 PM approx 400 in the group approaching boren,
5:25:59 PM lead is 8th ave
5:27:02 PM group is approaching convention place
5:29:40 PM lead at Convention pl
5:29:49 PM group approaching Broadway from Mercer
5:30:17 PM group sb on broadway
5:38:55 PM Group is N/B Broadway
5:41:26 PM Still W/B Olive Way from Broadway
5:42:12 PM Passing Belmont Av now
5:42:53 PM Other group is E/B Pine approaching 11th
5:43:49 PM Small group went S/B from Olive Way, 4 people w/ backpacks
5:44:18 PM Group stopped, sitting in intersection, Olive and Bellevue
5:45:09 PM head is still northbound passing olive
5:47:37 PM lead is at the over pass approaching Boren
5:49:12 PM group is continuing past Nagel on Broadway
5:50:49 PM group approaching Olive/Boren
5:51:06 PM group is off the highway, Olive/Minor
5:56:09 PM whole in the group moving toward overpass
5:56:46 PM group is sb on melrose
5:56:51 PM issued a warning for the civil emergency order to the group- Olive/boren, east on olive
5:58:12 PM large group headed to Olive on Melrose
5:58:46 PM Melrose group approx 500
5:59:33 PM hostile crowd turning their attention to the officer Olive/Melrose. N side I 5 on ramp area.
6:00:21 PM Crowd is SB on Melrose
6:00:50 PM group is Pine/Melrose, eb on Pine
6:01:07 PM another 1500 joined the group
6:02:08 PM they are pounding on the van
6:02:28 PM group eb on Pine, estimated size approx 1000
6:04:38 PM warning regarding curfew was given, item thrown at vehicle
6:06:04 PM stationary on Pike between Boylston/Belmont, tail still eb
6:07:07 PM crowd moving again, tail is at Belmont
6:08:06 PM head of the group is approaching Harvard
6:09:42 PM heading of the group past Broadway
6:10:11 PM tail of the group is at Harvard
6:10:44 PM group stopping at E Pine/Nagel
6:14:21 PM protestors sitting down in front of the precinct.
6:18:45 PM large group is approx 700
6:23:11 PM group is demanding to go eb
6:26:10 PM portion of the group sb on 11th
6:27:57 PM group is EB on Pike from 11th
6:29:27 PM  approx 300 remain, the rest went to 12/Pike. Group continuing on Pike
6:32:25 PM was there an assualt in the crowd…tough to see…
6:32:58 PM unit reporting that it appears they are removing a female..
6:34:29 PM group of 400 heading toward 13th
6:35:58 PM crowd is at the barricades 13/pine
6:37:37 PM officers are at the fight, under control
6:39:20 PM  13/pine taking bottles
6:41:52 PM crowd pushing on the fence- 13/pine
6:43:03 PM group is covering their faces and putting on goggles
6:55:32 PM large group SB on 11th
6:57:41 PM lead is wb on pike
6:59:34 PM lead is approaching Pike/Harvard
7:00:26 PM group turning SB on Harvard
7:01:13 PM reports that subjects are going through garbage cans near QFC looking for stuff to throw
7:03:16 PM lead is WB on university
7:04:05 PM group is wb on seneca at Boylston
7:04:39 PM head of the group running wb on Seneca
7:06:43 PM head of the group is approaching Seneca and Boren
7:07:32 PM group is sb on minor from seneca
7:08:21 PM group is headed toward madison
7:14:28 PM Boren/Madison. Denny wb traffic along boren, approx 800
7:38:17 PM Group in alley off Columbia, 900 block
7:40:14 PM group coming down Spring
7:42:24 PM group crossing Boren heading west on Spring
7:42:38 PM large group nb on Minor towards Madison
7:43:12 PM another warning regarding mayor’s curfew was given
7:44:02 PM group at Spring/Cherry heading wb
7:44:18 PM group heading down james
7:44:26 PM group running on James, block them before they get under the highway on James
7:46:27 PM group approaching cherry throwing rocks blowing out windows- guy in red, guy in yellow
7:46:52 PM bottle thrown Madison/Boren
7:48:16 PM group wb on Marion toward 8
7:48:24 PM Boren/Madison increasingly hostile
7:50:08 PM large group heading NB on Minor
7:51:25 PM large group turning eb on University
7:58:33 PM bunch going down the stairs on 9/University
7:58:47 PM  large number going to pop out at Seneca shortly
7:59:05 PM group crossing Seneca now
7:59:41 PM increasing numbers black clad heading into Westlake area, ignoring police tape
8:00:39 PM getting through downtown core from Seneca
8:00:58 PM  group of 40 breached Seneca… they are at 6/Seneca
8:04:06 PM approx 15-20 black clad individuals walking sb on 5th
8:05:13 PM groups flooding in downtown via Freeway Park
8:08:19 PM group gathering near University..
8:11:25 PM 200-300 group is at Cal Anderson
8:11:59 PM group marching NB on Boren on Pine, will turn them back into Westlake
8:12:16 PM approx 200-250 walking wb on University, now NB on 3..
8:17:01 PM crowd continuing nb
8:18:24 PM head of the group wb on Pine
8:20:07 PM barricades pushed, heading into westlake
8:26:21 PM 4/pike blocked
8:29:18 PM turning on 4 ave from Olive- group, one has improvised weapon. Units to follow up
8:32:45 PM group of 5-6 hoodies, walking sb… molotov cocktail…
8:33:27 PM Officer has eyes the individual with molotov cocktail, west side on 5th
8:41:28 PM hostile crowd 7/Olive
8:43:44 PM continuing wb crossing 6
8:45:52 PM large group is at 3/Stewart
8:47:29 PM group changed directions sb on 3 from Stewart
8:48:04 PM crowd size down to about 300-400
8:48:34 PM large group is turning eb on Pine
8:53:32 PM group of 200 9/pine wb
8:55:50 PM 300-400 that are joining westlake group.
8:58:08 PM preparations to give a dispersal orders
9:03:05 PM Cal Anderson is empty
9:06:01 PM reconnect with organizer, convey curfew, will give dispersal order, 10 min 2nd dispersal, then mask up etc, give final dispersal order…
9:13:49 PM starting to get a slow trickle of protestors sb from 5/olive, will end up behind the east line
9:32:21 PM people coming back down 5th
9:33:14 PM property damage east on 5th/pine
9:33:32 PM property damage, will execute plan now
9:37:50 PM property damage has subsided, holding at Westlake,
9:39:36 PM gave civil emergency order warning
9:44:00 PM 7/olive breaking windows, walking wb, knocking over barriers
9:46:43 PM another warning regarding curfew was given
9:46:54 PM taking bottles
9:48:30 PM another bottle 5/pine
9:51:28 PM sb 4 to eb pike, sb boren
9:52:08 PM  helmets on shield down
9:53:07 PM taking bottles again
9:53:26 PM car 21- gave another warning over the PA regarding curfew order
9:53:56 PM line 5/pine, 2 glass bottles and other objects. At the next object thrown, will push line, will deploy gas
9:56:27 PM 1st dispersal order given
10:01:35 PM black clad with backpacks:  5 from stewart south towards parked vehicles
10:06:15 PM continuing on to 6th toward capitol hill
10:07:16 PM 2nd dispersal order given
10:10:47 PM 100 around 5/pine, several hundred at westlake spread out
10:16:16 PM organizers will get everyone to gather together then will move them out…
10:19:58 PM 3rd dispersal order has been give
10:23:29 PM moving into the park now
10:29:20 PM national guard to stay in west lake area
10:31:00 PM push group to boren
10:34:39 PM push to boren then south bound
10:43:36 PM lead is at Boren and University
10:45:06 PM head of the march is yelling they are heading to Broadway
10:45:37 PM running eb madison
10:46:10 PM crowd size is approx 40, still blocking the street
10:46:44 PM arrest, boren – University
10:50:14 PM arrest at boren and Spring –
10:53:35 PM group going north to QFC
10:53:56 PM crowd size about 70
10:55:01 PM a group ran through QFC parking lot, are west of harvard
10:56:20 PM at boylston and pike right now
10:56:36 PM guardian 1: group is approaching Boylston/Seneca
11:01:46 PM approx 50 in front of US bank Boren/Madison
11:03:44 PM madison and minor 2 groups meeting up, about 40-50 people
11:04:36 PM 1/pike group breaking glass
11:04:46 PM large group of about 100 heading wb on madison
11:10:54 PM 1432 1st ave is the store front with the damage (looters have been arrested – 3 approx 2235 hrs.)
11:12:03 PM group is about 100
11:14:40 PM group of 100 crossed 4/Madison wb
11:15:37 PM 1/Virginia- loading up like the looted… they are hanging out and now crossing the street,
11:16:20 PM  large group is nb on 3rd
11:21:11 PM reports of broken windows 5/pike
11:21:51 PM group entering ben bridge
11:22:35 PM medical needed: 1400 blk 3rd
11:23:22 PM 500 blk of union taking one in custody
11:25:43 PM group is still nb
11:27:01 PM group is eb on virginia
11:31:14 PM 409 Pike is being looted
11:31:35 PM group is eb on virginia again
11:32:20 PM group running toward the pct
11:36:10 PM group may be heading to Amazon…
11:38:19 PM moving nb on 6th from blanchard
11:38:55 PM 190- believe the group is headed to Mary’s Place
11:43:09 PM crowd is on the corner by Shake Shack
11:44:19 PM group is holding 9/Westlake
11:45:05 PM group holding at 9/westlake
11:46:48 PM group is 9/westlake- appear to be agitated
11:48:32 PM westlake /blanchard- group is yelling at the officers
11:55:03 PM still taking rocks at 9/westlake
12:02:00 AM Smashed window 1453 E Republican
12:06:36 AM launching rocks at officers 5/john
12:25:59 AM Burning column on Fire John/Broad, eyes on
12:29:21 AM Fire to Broad & 5th to put out a fire on road.   Fire not needed was able to use extinguisher
12:29:59 AM Protestors are WB approaching Denny
12:30:56 AM 420 Vine St Broken Window
12:32:40 AM SB from 3rd & Broad 20 Individuals
12:38:04 AM E Side of sidewalk small group wearing masks 3/Bell
12:42:21 AM Group of 4 EB on Battery approaching firestation
12:51:15 AM Group is SB 3 & Blanchard
12:53:19 AM 9/Westlake NB individual lighting trash can on fire
12:53:47 AM Group is at 3/Virginia
1:05:45 AM SB 3/Spring group of approx 13-15
1:18:42 AM Group is going to turn NB on 4th Ave from Spring
1:22:13 AM Group is 4/University NB
1:25:24 AM 1325 4 Av, Individual breaking car window
1:27:18 AM EB on Pike from 4 Av, they are talking about going to Capitol Hill
1:28:19 AM 233, group has been given multiple warnings to disperse
1:30:44 AM Event ended


Time    Saturday May 30   
6:00:00 AM    SPOC Activated   
9:31:56 AM     Radio called to report a citizen called, stating that Antifa is to gather at Westlake at noon per a Twitter feed. RTCC informed   
11:00:00 AM    EOC Activation   
11:29:10 AM    50 People at SPD HQ    
11:42:40 AM    Approximately 100 people at SPD HQ   
12:22:27 PM    Approximately 1000 people at SPD HQ   
1:08:29 PM    Speakers at SPD HQ are encouraging them to join Westlake event   
1:58:28 PM    5/Cherry bottles thrown at officers   
1:58:41 PM    5/Madison- rocks and bottles thrown   
2:00:49 PM    5/James bottles thrown   
2:19:35 PM    Approximately 4000-5000 crowd size at Westlake    
2:32:17 PM    Crowd is more hostile on 5/Pine. Bikes from 4/Pine to 5/Pine   
2:36:33 PM    5/Pine rocks and bottles   
2:38:15 PM    rocks and bottles- unlawful assembly- need dispersal order   
2:39:07 PM    taking glass bottles 5/Pine   
2:39:16 PM    officer exposed- need medical   
2:40 PM    SPD officer injured. SFD Deployed.    
2:45:44 PM    SFD to 6/pine. Individual pepper sprayed.   
2:59:53 PM    Projectiles being thrown 5/Pine    
3:01:18 PM    Officer struck in the throat by a projectile. Minor injury   
3:09:00 PM    Patient was pushed to the ground during the protest. Transported to HMC by AMR.   
3:10:20 PM    Dispersal orders given at 5/pine   
3:35:14 PM    Large crowd headed to HQ- currently 5/Columbia   
3:43:00 PM   SPD officer injured.   
3:46:25 PM    Throwing bottles in front of Bartells at 5/Olive   
3:52:45 PM    SFD to 3/Pine for injured officers   
3:53:56 PM    Patrol car being vandalized in front of Old Navy   
3:55:53 PM    Patrol car on fire by Old Navy   
3:59:19 PM    Crowd is on I-5   
4:01:55 PM    SFD inquiring if they can get in to handle the car fire at 5/Pine.   Negative – Don’t have a perimeter around it.   
4:02:38 PM    Assault on officers 5/Olive-    
4:04:50 PM    Molotov cocktail thrown at the police vehicle   
4:05:22 PM    Hundred individuals head toward SPD HQ   
4:06:14 PM    Thousands on I-5 SB   
4:07:09 PM    Call for Resources to HQ ASAP   
4:08:02 PM    SFD is at 5/Olive needing to get through to the injured officer    
4:10:24 PM    HQ under siege   
4:14:26 PM    Radio: 6/Pine rifle from police vehicle   
4:15:03 PM    HQ is taking bottles   
4:15:41 PM    DHS Alert: Social media user stated he will join Seattle protest and has desire to kill Law Enforcement officials   
4:18:09 PM    Approximately 1200 at HQ, HQ taking bottles   
4:18:37 PM    5/Pine: Police rifle was turned in to officers   
4:21:38 PM    Large crowd headed toward the West Pct. Make sure infrastructure in place.   
4:26:12 PM    SPOC made a regional mutual aid request made via EOC   
4:26:53 PM    Paintballs being thrown at HQ   
4:27:30 PM    Officers being assaulted at HQ  
4:30:32 PM    Reports of items being thrown at HQ smell like accelerants   
4:31:17 PM    5/Union Molotov cocktail are being made   
4:31:26 PM    More resources are coming to HQ  
4:32:11 PM    Crowd attempting to break windows 5/Olive   
4:36:40 PM    Reports of a fire at Pacific Place   
4:39:24 PM    Vehicle torched   
4:39:24 PM   Car fire. No reported injuries. Unsafe for crews to operate.   
4:43:12 PM    Report of man walking up the stairs at Yesler/5 Ave overpass with rifle   
4:43:58 PM    Mayor’s office will announce 5pm curfew   
4:45:22 PM    Smoke coming into Nordstrom’s building.   
5:02:00 PM     SFD en Route to Auto fire Alarm at City Hall    
5:12:55 PM    HQ is under control – Crowd about 100   
5:16:33 PM    4/Battery – Approximately 1000 in the street   
5:22:30 PM    5/James officers taking rocks. Molotov cocktail 1500 blk of 6th. Need resources   
5:25:39 PM    4/Pine occupied vehicle windshields shattered   
5:28:27 PM    Starbucks is being looted   
5:29:54 PM    Reports of break in at King County Admin building   
5:31:15 PM    300 individuals heading toward the West Pct   
5:31:59 PM    Nordstrom on 6th windows broken   
5:34:04 PM    2 city owned vehicles burned  
5:35:26 PM    6/Stewart officer is surrounded in his vehicle. Units en route.  
5:38:00 PM   Reported arson, dumpster fire with no exposures. No injuries reported.   
5:40:27 PM    KC admin building damage. Windows broken.   
5:40:43 PM    Looting at Nordstrom’s. Resources en route.   
5:42:35 PM    5/pine injured officer hit in the face. Medic needed will meet at 1500 blk of 5th   
5:43:00 PM   SPD officer injured.   
5:56:15 PM    Taking rocks at 6/Olive   
5:56:40 PM    Objects being thrown 5/Pine   
5:57:09 PM    Injured officer 6/Olive  
5:57:00 PM   SPD officer injured.   
5:58:13 PM    6/Olive way objects thrown   
5:59:06 PM    6/Olive – Lasers pointed at officers   
6:43:16 PM    Potential fire at North Face   
6:47:32 PM    Large group throwing rocks and bottles 9/Pine   
6:50:53 PM    9/Pine need assistance- heavy rocks and bottles    
7:02:00 PM    Broken Windows East Side 1500 blk of 5th   
7:10:29 PM    Breaching additional stores/breaking windows    
7:12:00 PM    2 vehicles on fire. No injuries reported.   
7:14:13 PM    Significant property damage 1500 blk 5th.   
7:15:53 PM    Car fire in front of Ben Bridge, subjects breaking in Ben Bridge   
7:18:01 PM    WSP car damaged at 4/Pike   
7:18:40 PM    SFD waiting on an escort to 4/Pike   
7:21:04 PM    20 people trying to break into Target   
7:29:25 PM  300+ to north and another 150 + to the south – approximately 500 total. 
7:34:00 PM   Reports of arson via security camera. Small fire extinguished on its own.   
7:48:00 PM  Reports of Arson 
7:59:43 PM  Large group forming in front of Pacific Place  
8:03:00 PM   Caller reports person starting fire at construction site.   
8:06:14 PM  2 in custody for looting Carhart  
8:09:00 PM   SPD reports car fire. No injuries reported.   
8:09:00 PM   WSP officer injured.   
8:17:05 PM  Multiple locations being looted  
8:23:17 PM  Report of a fire inside Nordstrom  
8:24:12 PM  Multiple windows being broken at Post Office.  
8:26:03 PM  Group of 200-300, 3/University, breaking windows as they move. 
8:27:19 PM  Group of looters 6/Olive NW corner  
8:39:06 PM  Valley CDU released to attend to obligations in their own jurisdiction  
8:39:51 PM  Looters at Walgreens at Pike  
8:41:04 PM  Looter reentering Bartell  
8:42:27 PM  Officer hit with projectile on the head   
8:46:51 PM  Walgreens- 2 in custody  
8:47:53 PM  Looting, Tabaco store 3/Pine  
8:48:42 PM  Individual spray-painted kill cops on the side of the building – Pendleton store  
8:49:50 PM  Handgun at Robins Brothers jewelry store  
8:54:15 PM  Large group near 4/Pine smashing windows  
8:58:41 PM  Citywide: all traffic resources to block traffic coming into downtown  
8:59:16 PM  Multiple looting occurring, bikes to go mobile to deter  
9:05:10 PM  Rocks and bottles 5/Pine, transport needed for 4 prisoners at 5/pine  
9:13:39 PM  Westlake center reports of 10 individuals with crowbars attacking security. Units there not seeing anything.   
9:20:10 PM  Looting at Pacific Place  
9:28:46 PM  Per South ACT officers: 2 rifles, handgun compact, gloc 9mm in a fanny pack  
9:32:20 PM  10 Sheriff deputies to west to handle 911 calls, 8 going to East, 20 will rove downtown  
9:33:14 PM  Men’s Warehouse looting 
9:37:22 PM  Looters at Bartells 5/Olive resources being requested  
9:39:01 PM  Jewelry store 5/University broken into  
9:39:49 PM  5/pine highly agitated male with body armor and rifle  
9:42:21 PM  Stabbing 5/pike need medic, stab wound to abdomen  
9:45:25 PM  Requesting 5/Pike for scene security  
9:46:35 PM  Reports of bats being swung on 1st- units responding  
9:47:29 PM  523 union – Bank has live feed of 2 people in the bank  
9:51:50 PM  10-20 subjects lighting items on fire 2nd floor pacific place  
9:52:56 PM  Bellevue SWAT enroute to check on fire at Pacific Place.   
9:54:38 PM  Looters back at Vans  
9:54:54 PM  3 in custody at Walgreens 3/Pike  
9:55:24 PM  Units in the area of Westlake, reports of people on the roof of Pacific Place… Radio: its security. They locked themselves up there, Bellevue SWAT enroute.  
9:56:18 PM  Fire enroute to NorthFace looters are setting fire. Units are clearing the building.   
10:04:32 PM  Looting at Nordstrom’s.   
10:10:39 PM  Looting at Patagonia.  
10:12:14 PM  Units taking bottles, explosives from the crowd 6/Pine.  
10:20:28 PM  Reports shooting from a silver Malibu 3/pike 
10:27:59 PM  Pursuit en route NB I-5  
10:29:56 PM  Vehicle in pursuit has crashed  
10:32:58 PM  One in custody I 5 onramp Dearborn  
10:38:00 PM  Looting at Northface  
10:38:14 PM  Looting at Verizon  
10:41:24 PM  Vans and Bartells waiting for transport  
10:51:13 PM  Looter inside Target, 2nd floor  
11:03:59 PM  1/Pine subjects breaking into Seattle T shirt Shop  
11:04:12 PM  1/Blanchard subjects in the Robins Brothers Jewelry store  
11:08:21 PM  3 in custody at Pacific place 7/olive need additional resources  
11:10:38 PM  2 arrested at Target  
11:10:51 PM  2/Union firearm recovered  
11:11:04 PM  Looters at Arcteryx  
11:12:28 PM  Need additional units at North Face  
11:13:03 PM  Bellevue SWAT enroute to Arcteryx  
11:14:05 PM  Request for assistance at North Face  
11:14:43 PM  Large group entering Smoke Shop  
11:16:17 PM  Bellevue SWAT heading to North Face  
11:16:25 PM  Units under control at NorthFace  
11:26:34 PM  T mobile Looting  
11:26:54 PM  Looting at Cupcake Royale  
11:27:32 PM  Looting Elliott Ave/Bell St  
11:29:11 PM  2/Pike for another arrest  
11:30:45 PM  Target – 2nd Ave on 3rd floor man destroying electronics area with garbage can  
11:34:48 PM  Bellevue SWAT – citizen reporting someone stuck in the elevator on McDonalds side 
11:48:18 PM  Looting at Carhart 

*Please note this ends at midnight for 5/30/2020*  

5/29 East and West Precinct

Time Description
9:55:12 PM 20 Protesters Walking South
9:56:26 PM 150 people
9:57:24 PM Male with Golf Club bashing buildings
10:02:14 PM West on South Main
10:08:11 PM 12 Jefferson Blocking eastbound
10:20:45 PM Broke window at bus shelter
10:29:43 PM male on roof 5 / Washington
10:40:11 PM 11 people walking around
10:55:33 PM Male with Handgun NW
10:56:01 PM 60-80 people
10:59:02 PM Group moving south on 5 AVE
11:00:27 PM East On Jackson Street
11:07:04 PM Some fireworks
11:19:55 PM 100 people by King County Children and Family Justice Center – North on 12 AV
11:23:42 PM Throwing rocks at center, need more units
11:25:30 PM Throwing rocks and fireworks
11:25:58 PM Group of 30 at 4th and Main
11:26:19 PM 10 AV and Jackson to stand to protest
11:27:25 PM Arrest – resisted transporting to precinct
11:37:38 PM Jackson blocked between 4 and 5 Ave
11:41:23 PM Throwing Rocks at 5 Ave /Jackson
11:41:24 PM 100 trying to move towards East Precinct
11:45:21 PM Rock took out rear window of patrol car – 12th/Marion
11:55:00 PM Moving west – Assault on officer
11:57:28 PM More windows broken at 4th and Jackson
11:59:20 PM 3 / Jackson small group (30) North on 4th Ave
11:59:42 PM Shattering windows south of East Precinct
12:03:36 AM 100 approaching Broadway / Trash in roadway
12:04:05 AM Throwing objects at officers
12:06:16 AM QFC window broken – running west
12:06:16 AM Moving East
12:08:42 AM Property Damage/ windows broken
12:08:53 AM Female injured – Pike Harvard
12:09:38 AM Group Moving west on Pike
12:12:43 AM Broken window of Amazon Go / Attempted Looting
12:17:58 AM  ACT team window broken out
12:19:47 AM South on 7th Ave
12:21:24 AM East on Union Street from 7th – going upstairs into freeway park
12:23:52 AM 2nd and Jackson – one additional arrest
12:25:30 AM broken windows in the convention center
12:25:45 AM group at 8th and seneca
12:28:23 AM group moving southbound
12:31:52 AM Group moving South
12:37:22 AM Breaking windows. Attempting to loot
12:40:22 AM Block on union from 6 Av
12:48:50 AM Metro bus blocked in
12:49:01 AM Baseball sized rock thrown at officers
12:49:16 AM Court house windows broken
12:56:03 AM north on Bolyston from union
1:00:13 AM Broadway and Union – Rocks thrown at officers
1:00:38 AM South on 10th at Union
1:24:54 AM Additional rocks thrown / Officer hit in leg
1:27:51 AM need to deploy blastballs / Group still throwing rocks
1:32:32 AM Someone throwing rocks above unit
1:33:29 AM Request Fire for injured female
1:34:48 AM West on Madison – set line
1:40:04 AM South on Broadway at Columbia
1:51:03 AM Spot lights on crowd to see who is throwing objects
2:04:52 AM Attempt to open traffic
2:29:16 AM Downtown no one out / Braodway/James group breaking up