Three Unique Stores to Buy Chocolate in Cache Valley

We all have the craving for chocolate once in a while. However, do we get our fix at the local grocery store with a Hershey bar, or something from the Mars Company? Or, do we search out the unique places in Logan where they make their own chocolate? Personally, I try to find the unique stores in the valley for a couple of reasons. One, usually the chocolate is extremely fresh. And, two, sometimes you find a unique treat that can be found nowhere else.

Here is my list of three chocolate shops in Logan that are worth visiting. The chocolates tend to be a bit more expensive, but you need to understand that if you want quality, you will pay a little extra. But, it is worth it.

Bluebird Candy Company

This is the granddaddy of them all in the valley. The Bluebird Candy Company was founded in 1914. If my addition is right, that is just shy of 100 years of serving fine chocolate to the people of Cache Valley and those lucky ones who have it shipped to them who live outside of Utah.

Bluebird uses only quality chocolate and natural ingredients for the candy centers of the chocolate. There is a wide variety of chocolates that you would expect to find from caramels to cherry to maples and truffles. They also have some unique chocolate tools. The main store is located at 75 West Center in Logan, Utah.

Alvey????????s Chocolates

Alvey????????s Candies has been around for nearly 30 years and is based in Richmond, Utah. However, they do have a store in the Cache Valley Mall. When Alvey????????s started business, they made just four bars. However, now they have a complete selection from truffles and mints to maples and turtles.

From their original signature bars (Cherry Supreme, Double Dip Mint, Peanut Supreme and Caramel Nut) to the quality selection now, the ingredients they use are quality. The Logan store is in the Cache Valley Mall at 1300 North Main Street.

Peewee????????s Sweets

You seen this location, but have you been in to visit? This might be Logan????????s best kept candy secret. This is the newest candy shop, but also might be the most unique. At Peewee????????s Sweets, they make their chocolate with quality ingredients and all natural flavorings and candy centers.

Their claim to fame is the Sterling Truffle Bar which is a unique bar that uses Belgian Chocolate with all natural flavors. Currently, they have seven unique flavors. Other chocolate treats that are on the menu are chocolate dipped potato chips, cheetohs and pretzels.

Peewee????????s Sweets has a wide selection of candies besides the hand-dipped chocolates and truffle bars, they also have saltwater taffy that is made in-house. Peewee????????s Sweets is located at 1 North Main in Logan.

When you get the chocolate craving, do a chocolate crawl and visit each of these places to do a taste test (you need to pace yourself). Let me know which chocolate is your favorite.


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