Three Things That Help Me Enjoy The Christmas Season

Do you ever lose sight of the Christmas season? Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it seems that often we forget to enjoy the people around us and take the time to visit, reminisce, and generally, take some time to chase the snowflakes (if the shoe fits ???????) I find myself in that position quite often. However, I found that if I try to slow down just a bit and take a little time. My attitude changes and life gets better.

I have had a little extra time and found three things that I have helped me get into the mood for Christmas and the holiday season.

Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorite Christmas songs from my youth. Most likely, it is because it is one of the few that I could sing and almost sound like I could sing. Now, I can????????t carry a tune and wish that I could follow a rhythm. Since, I can????????t do either of those things, I look for people and groups that have incredible voices and can touch the soul. This version from Pentatonix does that for me.

Silver Bells sung by Bing Crosby is one that I remember from driving on snowy evenings driving into town with Christmas lights lining the streets, snow falling, my dad sitting next to me and this coming on the radio and singing along with the radio.

Thoughts from a friend of mine and a contributor to Area-Info.net

Celebrate Christ????????s Birthday

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into my holiday and wish that each of us can enjoy our past memories as we create our own new memories for our families.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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