"Under capitalism, men provide for themselves; while under Socialism they are provided for”. …Ludwig von Mises.

There has been and continues to be a long-term trend towards socialism in America. This trend is not your friend.

The socialism caused continuous trend towards ever more unemployment does not bode well for the economy. This socialist trend is not our friend. Unemployment does not create wealth. Socialist policies, socialist taxes, socialist lawlessness, socialist forced redistribution of wealth, socialist laws, socialist market intervention, socialist cronyism, socialist over regulation, and socialist dependence on government are destroying the engine of productive private sector job growth and healthy self-reliance. The socialists don’t want to believe that only work produces wealth. Socialists want to believe in the fantasy of socialism’s free lunch, and that somehow, magically, redistributing wealth creates more wealth. Socialism teaches that it’s ok, even heroic, for one class to steal from another class. Somehow that forced redistribution of wealth is supposed to improve the economy and wealth production even though it destroys the motivation to work and produce wealth in both the socialist parasitic class (takers) and in the productive class (makers). (see: Are You a Maker or a Taker? That is the Question– Link)

Socialists also want to believe that it makes economic sense to force employers to pay more than the work being completed is worth. Never mind that it doesn’t make economic sense to do that; they still want to believe that it does. They also believe that if enough socialists love and believe a lie, then that lie will magically become truth. As if voting to make two plus two equal to five will make it so. Most socialist inspired unions hold similar viewpoints, demanding ever-higher wages and ever-greater benefits packages until the employer is forced to seek more realistic and competitive labor prices over seas or suffer losses and go bankrupt. The American socialist unionized worker is not competitive in many markets. They have been responsible for the destruction of many American companies (for instance see: Link). But American socialist government props up some of the zombie companies the socialist unions have destroyed such as GM. The irony is that many of the jobs destroyed by American socialists have migrated to nations that were economically destroyed by socialism, and that could not produce productive jobs because of the extreme socialist policies in place (nations such as China). They are now greedy for American jobs and welcome them to their shores to help alleviate the poverty caused by socialism in their countries. Go figure.

The American Socialists have run out of tax money, they’ve run out of borrowed money, and now they are simply destroying the currency by printing more Federal Reserve Debt Notes, (counterfeit dollars) to finance the ever-growing socialist deficits. The socialists will be selling off the national treasures soon (it’s rumored that they’ve already sold the gold in Ft. Knox Link and committed our national parks as collateral for loans Link; some socialist run cities are already liquidating city assets to stay afloat Link).

When the socialists rule, the hard working, responsible, moral people mourn. Socialism is theft. Theft always has a victim. Those who feed at the trough of socialism and share in the ill gotten socialist plunder are socialists. Those who promote socialism are socialists. It's not a name you want to be known by, not in this life or in the next. Under socialist rule, government morphs from the protector of rights and property into the socialist engine of tyranny, oppression, cronyism, and theft.

The growing socialist unemployment trend and the bad socialist spending habits can’t produce a good harvest. The continual socialist job loss together with the socialist destruction of our economy in a myriad of other ways is part of the harvest of socialist Obamanomics and despotic American Socialism. The socialists can’t tax and spend America into prosperity, though they keep trying to do so. Nor can the socialists borrow their way out of debt, though they keep trying to do so. The socialists can’t even steal their way to permanent national prosperity, though they keep trying to do so. The United States has become a socialist nation state. Get ready to embrace our nation’s socialist failure. Get ready for socialism’s shared poverty and socialism’s economic failure and socialism’s class war and inevitable lawlessness before some form of socialist totalitarianism kicks in to quell the socialist created chaos. The masses have swallowed, believed, and fallen in love with socialist lies and propaganda. Seig Hiel, American socialists, seig Hiel!

And, of course, the socialists blame their massive, disastrous, historic failure on …… the Tea Party and on free market capitalism. Don’t believe it; what we are seeing is the failure of the last 70 years of increasing socialism and of a decreasing free market in the United States. Our government has trended away from freedom and towards becoming socialist organized crime. That trend is not your friend.


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