Things To Know Before Buying a Muscle Car


Things To Know Before Buying a Muscle Car

Among the many things you need to know before buying a muscle car, it’s good to ask yourself three big questions: What does this car mean to you? How close to “classic” do you need it to be? And lastly—what are your plans for it?

Financial Versus Sentimental Value

Making a profit on a muscle car isn’t as easy as it sounds. Consider the possibility that you may have the car longer than you plan if buyer’s interest in the vehicle is lower than previous years. If the muscle car you purchase is one that you’re proud to own (whether you intend to sell it or not), it can be much easier to tolerate a potentially long selling process. Investing in a car you’re truly passionate about can save a lot of frustration and make the hobby much more enjoyable.

Changes To the Vehicle

More often than not, cars that have been around for a long time have changed hands quite a bit. For collectors looking to sell a vehicle, this presents a challenge. Buyers prefer it to come with the original parts—particularly the original engine—which you should check before purchasing one yourself.

Alternatively, classic cars have a lot of room for upgrades and customization. With a higher investment, an older muscle car could be altered to have modern vehicle luxuries such as a stronger engine or air conditioning. It could even be given a new paint job. However, owners looking to sell should keep in mind what some buyers would consider muscle car customization mistakes.

Driving Stipulations

Considering muscle cars require such a significant investment, driving one can feel intimidating. Before making the decision to buy one, decide how you want to use it. If you plan on regularly driving it, be aware of the increased insurance and gas costs associated with older vehicles. Have a mechanic in mind who can help in case of emergency. If you want to keep your vehicle in peak condition, driving it may cause unwanted wear and tear. Part of the fun of owning this vehicle is showing it off, so before buying one, decide on your intentions.

While there are many logistical factors involved in making this big decision, don’t let the ins and outs scare you aware from your dream car. Understanding these things to know before buying a muscle car allows you to be more prepared and avoid the pitfalls that could spoil your experience as a classic car owner.