There Are Vampires Among Us

We know from the movies what vampires are. They are selfish beings who feed on others. They have little or no compassion for their victims. They suck the life blood from them. They are selfishly concerned with their own needs and are willing to take by force from another that which that other person has even if it means death for their victim. From time to time these vampires will recruit others into their band. They grow in numbers. Though they may know and fear God, they serve themselves, not Him. They covet the blood of others. They steal what they covet. They place few limits on themselves. They fear sun light (or the light of truth?). They wither in that light. They fear religious symbols and perhaps religion itself as it condemns their unholy practices. They sneer at holy men.

Today, in our society, millions of people use force to parasitically feed off of others. They justify their plundering because of their own needs. They covet that which is not theirs and steal it by force of government. They care not what havoc their plundering wreaks upon their victims. They are happy to enslave others to their will. They dictate their desires to those who are forced to serve. They do not recognize the laws of God that condemn covetousness, theft and unrighteous dominion. They recruit others to believe the sophisticated lies that justify their covetousness and theft in order that by numbers they might grow stronger in their tyranny. They share their plunder with their friends (see: http://www.bailoutcost.com/ and see: ).
They use the force of government to protect their friends and to extend their power over others. They conspire together to protect each other and to expand their power over their victims.

Do you remember the recent $16 trillion bail out to cronies of the vampires in our government and the Federal Reserve/ See: http://www.forbes.com/sites/traceygreenstein/2011/09/20/the-feds-16-trillion-bailouts-under-reported/

They work to disarm those they victimize. Why? Because they fear resistance. They know that their victims are not willing victims. When anyone exposes their lies and their crimes they label that person a racist, a terrorist, and a hater in order that they might destroy that person. They smear the opposition and then seek to destroy them. Any who oppose them are the enemy. They dehumanize their enemies so that they can feel justified in continuing attacks against them. They see their enemies as mere cattle and sheep to be fed upon. See:
Vampires will lie to their victims in order to trap them. They will happily defraud their victims. They will promise them a great benefit, if the victim will just surrender some freedom, or some money in exchange. When it’s time to pay the benefit, the victim finds the money gone, they are in bondage, and the benefit is either gone or greatly reduced (consider Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, and other promises broken by the vampires among us.).

Many vampires were unwittingly or unwillingly recruited. Their blood was stolen and they were forced to join the ranks of those who feed on others. Unfortunately, they too feel they have a right to feed off of plunder that was stolen by force. What would happen to society if all became vampires? Would the human race even exist? Or would there be a powerful, totalitarian elite that would force tyrannical order that they might feed off the weak at will?

In other societies where these vampires have done their work we have seen terrible consequences. First they label those who oppose them as criminals. Then, when smear campaigns alone are not enough, they imprison the opposition. If their victims do not adopt their ways, then eventually masses of their victims are “liquidated”. Hitler’s socialist Nazis were just such vampires. They killed millions who opposed them and their plundering ways. They victimized tens of millions of innocent victims. Stalin’s socialist communists were the same. They killed tens of millions of people who tried to resist their desire for plunder. Socialist/Communist Mao in China also found it easier to murder off tens of millions of his countrymen in order to take what was theirs. He found that if he killed them that they could no longer resist his desire to plunder their properties, nor could they expose his doctrine as lies. The socialist/communist Pol Pot in Cambodia followed a similar path. All of these socialist vampires fed off of others and eventually turned to mass murder in order to continue their plunder and expand their totalitarian rule. All of them sought to disarm those that they would victimize. Once the people were disarmed, the vampires were free to kill as they would. Their blood lust knew no bounds.

Vampires prefer to work in secret while their band is small, but once they are strong enough they will work in the open. They sneer at, and look down upon those who believe differently than they do. They see themselves as Gods, able to decide everything for those they rule over. They pridefully believe that they are smarter than those they prey upon. They see their victims as weak, foolish, misguided and stupid for resisting or for believing that they have a right to their own property. They do not even recognize another person’s property rights as rights. They rule with fear and threats and force. Vampires do not ask for voluntary contributions; they take what they want by force. And, in their sophistry, they label that forced redistribution of wealth as “charity.” Be not deceived, God will not be mocked. Those who love a lie, those who call darkness light, and those who plunder their brother will eventually receive a terrible harvest.

Little do these vampires know that they might through their own productive work, and/or by simply asking, receive from others that which they need to survive. They might actually be saved by forsaking their parasitic behavior and humbly turning to work and to humble obedience to God’s most fundamental laws of humility, love, and respect for others and for their property. They need to develop the faith required for such repentance and obedience. Gradually, with persistence in faith, with work, with humility, and by recognizing the property rights of others, they can return to becoming someone productive, someone who no longer plunders their fellow citizens, someone who is part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Vampires can be redeemed.

Beware of socialists and vampires who, through force, feed off the work of others. Beware of those who will resort to anything in order to continue their plunder of others. Beware of those who seek power over you. Beware of those who would disarm you. Beware, there are vampires among us.

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