The W’s of Advent Mobi

 The W’s of AdVent Mobi
     Who is AdVent Mobi?  Our locally owned company partners with Google and other search engine sites to help businesses optimize their potential in today’s tech-savvy market.  It’s Mobile Advertising/Marketing, with applications directed toward businesses whose owners want to be on the cutting edge in today’s volatile market.  AdVent Mobi’s system is designed to help your business succeed.  As a business owner operating and managing your own plan using AdVent Mobi’s software systems, or relying on AdVent Mobi’s team to do it for you; you’ll always have up-to-the-minute data and information available for making accurate decisions, adjustments or improvements on-the–spot!

     AdVent Mobi was developed by Entrepreneur R.J. Hunt, owner and consultant for numerous businesses since 1991.  With a multitude of experience in business development he has spoken and presented to thousands, including top U. S. leaders and millionaires; and has the experience to assist start-up or existing businesses that may need anything from profit and marketing advise to conceptual and product design and development.  A self-proclaimed ‘wild hobbyist’ he trains MMA fighters and makes Native American flutes; plays with remote-control cars and creates pieces of art as a master jeweler.
     Alan Kidd (Area Marketing and Account Manager), a Logan native and Mt. Crest Graduate has been involved in sales and marketing since 2008.  This family man loves outdoor activities such as: camping, fishing, hiking and canoeing, and watches survival shows during the winter, to get his fair weather outdoor fix.  Having a related hobby as dealer/distributor for Aquascapes.com he ‘plays with rocks and water’, (commonly known as waterfall and pond design).  His involvement in the advertising side of the business makes sure you know what AdVent Mobi is and what it can do for you.

            What?  With the most up-to-date marketing and advertising options, AdVent Mobi’s platform enables your business to reach existing customers easily, gain new customers with SEO, develop better marketing and advertising formats, and increased database management techniques.
            When?   Sign up with AdVent Mobi at any time. As a client, you’ll be able to utilize services 24/7!  Since mobile phone users have them near almost all the time, access and ability to serve and reach your customers is instantaneous, anywhere, anytime.
            Where?  With clients in the U.S., Canada and the U.K, the where is: local and global.  With the touch of a button or click, and your business plan, you can meet your customer’s needs never leaving your store, home, or delivery van.  As business owner it’s your call: what, when and how to advertise, what changes you need to make, and when.  Who to, when and how to send messages; as well as how you respond to inquiries, orders and other business related events.
            Why?  In today’s business market-internet access is another avenue to help you as a small and/or local business expand your customer base, keep current customers’ happy, feed information through advertising, coupons, notices, appointment reminders, etc. to customers, while participating in a global market; all from your present location.
            Okay… Now the How:  Find AdVent Mobi’s info at www.adventmobi.com and contact us.  In the next few articles you’ll learn what web searching, listings, citations and tags can do, and how SEO optimization and SEO Push can work for you.  Also, how many tech avenues your business has available to use in today’s market, and how to effectively and efficiently utilize them.  


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