The World In Shock ~

Hello Everyone,

This has been quite a weekend, hasn’t it? All this snow is driving me crazy!

At any rate, here is my latest column ~ http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=69180750

What I would advise you all of is that we have a very bad situation coming forth in the financial markets. It has been held under cover by the trio of Obama, Geithner and Burnanke. Read the report and you will see what I am talking about.

There are protests taking place all over the world against the bankers. Now here’s the shot in the arm, the protesters should be protesting against their governmental systems that were put in place by the banksters. They should also go after the oligarchs. That is inclusive of the Bilderberg Group of which Barack Obama has associated with along with Hillary Clinton. They are termed “The Bilderbergers”.

Those of you who review my blogging thread can see that I am not fooling around with my research. Please use that information for your benefit, but don’t post on that thread. The reason I say this is because that is my research for my doctorate. Okay, let me break the rule one time here. . .you can post on the thread if you find a very hot topic in the world of economics or finance that I may have missed out on. Or, you can forward articles I may have missed out on to [email protected]

My forthcoming book, “Rainbow Over A Star” will be a fun read. I wrote it for young adults while I was in college. My instructors use to always make me write technically, while I loved to write creatively. Now I write seriously from my experiences, education, and researching what is going on in today’s world. Do me a favor, don’t puke after you read what I write! ūüôā

Okay, okay. . .that’s right. . .here we go off into the wild blue whatever you want to call it!

Peacefully, of course. . .as always, and in all ways,

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from USU, UC Irvine, Penn State and ASU Universities


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