The Value of Shelves for Storage Rental

Renting Storage Space: Do You Need Shelves?

So, for whatever reason, you’ve decided to rent storage space. Did you buy shelves for it? Do you need to buy shelves? The shelves cost extra money, is it worth the investment? Well, let’s take a look at what shelves can help with.

a crowded storage shed in need of some shelves to organize it
Seen here: an accident waiting to happen

1. Shelves Reduce Accidents

One of the dangers of storage is that something might get broken. Obviously, in the case of some major catastrophe, like an earthquake, that’s unavoidable. For most situations, though, careful planning can minimize that risk. Most items get broken in storage because they’re stored improperly, or by accident. You stack heavier boxes on top of them, or you drop them because you’re trying to remove a box from a stack, or something like that. Shelves help to remove this problem. Instead of stacking boxes on top of each other, you stack them on shelves. That way, heavy boxes never get stacked on improperly by mistake. When you have to pull things out, instead of pulling from a Jenga style stack, you just pull it off the shelf, no problem. This solves most of the problems.

2. Shelves Keep Things Off The Ground

It’s a good idea to keep things off the ground. Water always flows to the lowest point because of gravity. That means if moisture builds up in your storage unit, it will start to pool on the floor. Anything on the floor will get damp. A common solution is to buy pallets, and you might want a few regardless, but shelves can also serve this purpose.

3. Shelves Can Give Your More Room

Because of basic physics, there’s a limit to how high you can stack things. The taller the stack, the more weight presses down on the bottom items, and the more precarious things up top are. Shelves can eliminate this problem. Instead of everything pressing down on the bottom, things press down on the individual shelves and that weight is distributed along the supports. Because the individual shelf becomes the bottom of any stack, you can store more things in the same vertical space without actually stacking them very high.

4. Shelves Help With Organization

Lack of organization is one of the biggest mistakes people make with storage. People just put their boxes of stuff in any old how and then have to spend extra time looking for things later. To get the most out of any storage unit, you need to organize. Shelves make that easier. You can label each set of shelves according to what is in them in addition to labeling the individual boxes. That way, you can tell on sight where you should go to find what you’re looking for. On top of that, when you remove something from a shelf, you have a convenient empty space to put it back, so there’s no temptation to put it somewhere else where you’ll forget about it later.

So, Do You Need Shelves?

I suppose in the absolute sense, you don’t really need anything, but if you’re gonna make that argument, you might as well go the route of Diogenes and get some kicks throwing plucked chickens at stuffy college professors (don’t you judge my hobbies!).

Seriously, though, do you need shelves? Vernon Storage, a storage facility in Summit County, tells us it might depend on your intended use. If you’re renting a storage unit for a very short time span, such as while you move, or maybe while you do some spring cleaning, it’s probably not necessary. On the other hand, if you’re doing seasonal storage, or long-term storage, shelves might be essential to maximizing your storage space. The increased vertical storage area can reduce the overall size of the storage space you need, letting you get the same benefit out of a smaller (and less expensive) unit. The extra organization will help you find things faster when you need them, and who doesn’t want the extra protection against accidents that shelves provide? If you’re going to be storing things for more than a few weeks, shelves are definitely a must-have!