The Top Three Home Remedies

Have you ever tried to make a list of your absolute best home remedies? With all of the home remedies, it could take years to amass your knowledge of all your home remedies. We have compiled the short list of what may be the top three home remedies ever concocted.

Apple cider vinegar may need to lead the pack as the most popular home remedy. Apple cider vinegar is used in many ways and never fails to get the attention of most people. People use apple cider vinegar for everything from helping to control allergies in people and pets to reducing the occurrence of sinus infections. Other ailments that apple cider vinegar is used for included fatigue, acid reflux, sore throats and rough skin. With a product that is so readily available, this is a home remedy that you can keep in your house.

Hydrogen peroxide is another common home remedy that is extremely effective. With it you can do anything from cleaning wounds to cleaning out excessive earwax. Other uses in the home for hydrogen peroxide include: replacement for bleach when laundering white clothes; getting rid of foot fungus; mouthwash; toothpaste; tooth whitening; and vegetable soak. Hydrogen peroxide is relatively inexpensive and is good for things other than cleaning out a scratch.

Perhaps, the third most popular item for home remedies is baking soda. That little powder in the pantry that you use once or twice and wonder what is does differently than baking powder. Here is a short list of things you can try at home with baking soda: make toothpaste, facial scrub, antacid, treat insect bites and itchy skin; hand cleanser and softener; soft scrub for cleaning; freshen sponges; polish silver; clean the oven; clean sports gear, etc.

With these three items found in most homes, there are dozens of things you can do without having to buy expensive solutions. McGyver can get out of the way and make way for Fix-It Man (or, Woman) with just a few of these items which can be used for easy home remedies. Everything from an antacid to cleaning pots and pans and a ton of stuff in between, gets me going a list of activities where I can save a little bit of money and find a solution in a pinch.


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