The Restaurant Is A Stage

From Hersh’s Corner

The Restaurant Is A Stage. Give A Great Performance

A student at BYU recently made an unsuccessful attempt at writing Dave Barry humor in the BYU newspaper. The student wrote along-winded piece on Homecoming in which he was critical of Mullboons for being “expensive.”

Obviously, the kid can’t recognize the difference between lobster and a Burger King value meal, but his comments do reveal the challenge we have this Christmas in satisfying our customers. As the article on the front page explains, many of our Christmas party customers are new to the restaurant. They come with high expectations-and despite the very busy time and the massive amount of orders, it is our job to impress them.

Yes, I built the restaurant. But to 99% of our customers, YOU are the restaurant. A restaurant is like a stage and you are the actors and actresses. When a person leaves a play or a theater, they seldom talk about the stage or the theater screen-they talk about the play or the movie. In our case, our customers leave talking about the food and ser???ª vice, items you are totally responsible for.

Each of you-chefs, cooks, bussers, servers-are terribly important. View yourself as a subcontractor on a building or housing development. The architectural design may be great and the general con???ª tractor may be highly competent. But if one subcontractor doesn’t do his job well (if the plumbing leaks or the painting is poorly sprayed) the house or building is flawed.

It’s the same for restaurants. If a table is not properly set, a steak is undercooked, a potato is served hard and cold, a server appears unconcerned…Any little problem leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth. Some will forgive; some won’t. Some will never return since their experience was not 100%. I will occasionally hear about their expectations not being met, but only a few will write a letter or call on the telephone. Most will simply not return to your restaurant, combating all the advertising we do to bring them in in the first place.

Since YOU are the restaurant, we go to great lengths to hire only the very best staff. We expect you to be the STAR of the DINING PLAY. We expect you to understand that YOU are IN CHARGE of ensuring the customer is pleasantly satisfied through your own skills and your own personality.

Don’t take any customer for granted. You will see a lot of them this holiday season and they will be expecting to be impressed. Don’t disappoint them.

The stage is yours…Give them your best performance.

–The foregoing message was taken from Hersh Ipaktchian’s “Our Community” newsletter, which was distributed to all the employees at Mullboons and Peppercorn restaurants. Hersh wrote this monthly column along with foodservice editorials for state and regional publication “Appetite For Success.”

The same message is a core value of the Iggy’s Sports Grill experience, which is located at: Salt Lake City ?›ƒ?ªƒ?? Downtown: 423 West 300 South – Salt Lake City, UT 84101 – (801) 532-9999


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