The Protests Go Viral ~ Where Are You?

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a good day. I just wrote an article filling others in on what is going on with our national catastrophe as it pertains to our economical situation.


As we progress, and move forward. . .the chances are good fewer and fewer people will understand our positions and what it is we are trying to say. Whether it be through writing, or public speech. Fewer and fewer people will understand us. This is where the politicos come in. They have learned how to work the people. And as of late, it appears they want to work the people for their own interests.

Review the article I posted, above. And by all means, feel free to review all of the other information on that thread. I can certainly tell you that you will be a light year ahead of the rest, if you do.

In Utah, I believe things are going quite well. Orrin Hatch is doing a splendid job. Particularly with bringing gold and silver back into circulation and permitting these very valuable assets to be traded in payment for taxes, and services.

The next article will follow up on the commodities issue.

Peace to you all, in all ways. . .and always,



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