The People’s Republic of China Bought A Utah Steel Plant, Now It Buys Up Utah’s Largest Pork Farm

Just before enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Corps to fight in the Pacific during World War II in the 1940s, my father was one of many Utah workers that helped to build Geneva Steel as a steel production facility seven-hundred miles inland from the West Coast. The plant was built inland so the Japanese navy would find it impossible to bomb the new steel plant. Decades later my youngest sister, Marcy, worked at the steel plant before she was married. Like many Utah families our family had some ties to the rusted, smoky, sprawling, from-scratch steel plant.

Nearly 40 years after my father helped build the from-scratch steel plant, in 1980, my wife and I were thrilled when I was notified that I would be hired by Geneva Steel Plant in Vineyard, Utah. Located just blocks from our home the giant steel plant had employed up to 8,000 Utahans in its early years and provided excellent paychecks, benefits, retirement plans, and for many a lifetime????????s employment. I started work there the same week an attempt was made to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. People in Utah Valley for many years figured a man had arrived at employment-security if he could get a job ??????out at the plant.??????

The 1,700 acre Geneva Steel Plant between the Wasatch Mountain Range on the east and Utah Lake on the west had been producing steel for America since the early part of World War II including production of plate steel for war ships.

However, when temporary layoffs came I found myself outside the gates of the big steel plant about a year later just before our son was born. After finding another job there was no returning to Geneva Steel for me, but I would have gladly spent a career helping other Utahans to make steel for America. It was honest work. As a souvenir reminder of my days at the steel plant I kept my helmet.

February 5, 2004 the DESERET MORNING NEWS announced that a Chinese firm had received the ??????ok?????? to buy the assets of Geneva Steel for a mere $40-million! The $40-million would go towards paying off part of a government guaranteed loan from CitiCorp to Geneva for $110-million that was outstanding on the company????????s books. The Chinese firm would pay the same $40-million price that Joseph Cannon and his group of investors had paid in 1987.

Some 2,850 Utahans were working for Geneva when the plant was operating under the leadership of Joseph Cannon. In 1987 Cannon and a group of investors had bought the plant from U.S. Steel according to Dave Anderton, a writer for the DESERET MORNING NEWS.

??????Since 1989, the company had spent more than $645 million for the plant and equipment to modernize and maintain its production facilities, according to filings by Geneva with the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission,?????? wrote Anderton. Every attempt had been made by Geneva Steel executives to stay in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency????????s demands, thus the constant expenditures to improve plant emissions and productivity and to modernize. With $654-million in plant improvements the $40-million to acquire such improvements appeared to be a real steal for the Chinese company, Qinqdao Iron & Steel Group Company. Why the sweet treatment?

The 2004 sale of Geneva Steel????????s core assets to Iron and Steel Group Co. was backed by a letter of credit through the People????????s Republic of China government-owned Bank of China, the communist country????????s central bank.

Steel Union workers and salaried employees alike found themselves unemployed as the steel plant shut down for dismantling. I remember standing outside the plant fence one morning watching as the coke ovens were dropped by explosive charges, a cloud of dust broiling up into the sky. Over time people in the Utah Valley saw trucks and train cars loaded with plant and equipment from the Steel plant, its Q-BOP steelmaking facility was included, as was the plant equipment that made up the slab caster unit that turns liquid steel into a slab. All the equipment that made up the rolling mill that was once located just west down the Orem-bench hill from our home was rolled away on trains for the west coast to be loaded onto China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) ships and taken to China for reassembly. The plant was shipped to the coastal province of Shandong where Qingdao Iron and Steel would set Chinese workers to the project of reassembling the steel plant on Chinese soil to produce steel for Chinese factories and construction crews to use. An American steel production asset had become a Chinese production asset that would create untold amounts of wealth for the government of China.

At a Utah State Republic Party Convention held at Utah Valley University I saw Joseph Cannon coming up the steps towards the large McKay Dee Center doors and I introduced myself. ??????Did Geneva steel have a market willing to buy its products when it was closed down??????? I asked him. ??????Yes,?????? he said, ??????There was ample demand for us to have stayed in business.?????? He moved on. I wondered what it was that had forced Geneva Steel into bankruptcy. If the company had ample demand for its products and had been able to afford such enormous improvements to plant and equipment, why did it go bankrupt and end up sold off to China? I didn????????t get a chance to ask Mr. Cannon.

The negative ripple effect in Utah County from the plant shutdown was felt for some time not only by laid off Geneva employees but also as ancillary businesses that had been satellites around Geneva Steel began laying off their workers, among them my neighbor Carl who after a few years of despairing to find like-paying work committed suicide. His suicide was an extreme example of the effects of plant closure, but traceable nevertheless to the disruption in his work life that he wasn????????t able to solve. Meanwhile in the People????????s Republic of China steel-production employees now gain jobs from the $40-million dollar purchase of a Utah steel plant that had invested $654-million in plant and equipment improvements over it recent history. How is it possible that such assets have been moving from America to Communist China? Has Congress completely forgotten history?

2,850 steel production jobs were lost and transferred to Red china from Utah. That was a huge payroll earned by workers in Utah that has exited Utah forever. The knowledge and expertise for making steel in Utah now dwindles and disappears as the plants management team moved onto other endeavors or retires and as the employees either moved away or found new jobs, many at lower wages in the service fields.

Has Congress forgotten who rules China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Did Federal Judge Glen E. Clark forget the fundamental history of the criminal-Communist gang that took over China in 1949 when he ruled in 2004 that Chinese enterprises could buy up the assets of Geneva Steel? Has the monopolistic nature of the CCP????????s economic strategies been completely missed by Congress, by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama? Has the American Establishment media forgotten who the CCP rulers in China are and how they operate? Or is there a willful blindness to the facts of history?

Let????????s look at some of that forgotten or willfully ignored history again. There isn????????t room in these pages to discuss the subterfuge and subversion that took place in China at the close of World War II as then Secretary of State George C. Marshall did all he could to hamstring our WWII ally Chinag Kai-shek while enabling Communist leader Mao Tse-Tung and his revolutionary armies to take over mainland China. But there are several excellent books that relate these tale of Marshall????????s invaluable help for Mao, Stalin????????s useful ally.
The first book I recommend was originally delivered as a lengthy talk on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The book was published in by Devin-Adair publishing in 1951 and again in 1961 by American Opinion. It was titled ??????America????????s Retreat From Victory- The Story of George Catlett Marshall,?????? by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. The now vindicated U.S. Senator gave an exhaustive 72,000-word speech before the U.S. Senate to review the public career of George C. Marshall from the beginning of World War II until June 14, 1951 when he delivered his speech to reveal the roll General Marshall had played in support of the advancement of the goals of International Communism under Stalin and Mao as well as the role the Marshall Plan played in Europe and through offering benefits to the Soviet Union, Stalin????????s communist nightmare of a nation.

Another important book detailing how China was betrayed into the hands of Mao Tse-Tung and the International Communist cabal was published the year I was born in 1952 by the Henry Regnery Company, ??????Again, May God Forgive US,?????? by Robert Welch the founder of the John Birch Society in 1958. The warnings these books give are essential to understanding the nature of the beast we face today in Communist China. While the new Communist rulers in China today wear business suits and ties they are modern and sophisticated leaders of the Communist conspiracy for world domination.

Our own leaders appear to blindly ignore this history as they forge new trading relationships with the PRC, with the CCP behind the PRC, that allows entry into our market place by State Owned Enterprises (SOE) of the PRC, and expenditures from the PRC????????s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Is it legal to do business with an enemy government and its monopolistic SOEs? Is the PRC an enemy government? What does history tell us?

History may be ignored by CEOs of America????????s multinational corporations seeking cheap labor in China, or by Congress, or by Presidents, but the facts remain for those with eyes to see. What facts? Let????????s return to the Korean War, or as some call it the UN Peacekeeping Action in Korea.

When entire divisions of the People????????s Liberation Army of the People????????s Republic of China swept across the border into Korea in October 1950 the North Korean army was on the run from the South Korean forces and American Forces (under a UN flag) that were defeating their Communist leader Kim Il Sung????????s dictatorship of North Korea. Two months later Mao????????s forces had pushed the South Korean and America forces out of North Korea. The Chinese military commander Peng De-Huai was granted leadership over the North Korean forces by Kim Il Sung and the mammoth war machine drove south past the 38th Parallel which had been the original boundary between North and South Korea.

Harry S. Truman, who had sent American troops into Korea without a declaration of war from Congress as the Constitution requires, had unconstitutionally assumed war power based on the UN Charter and the UN Participation Act of 1945. We know the rest of the bloody story in Korea, how 50,000 American soldiers lost their lives in combat with Chinese and north Korean troops, how the Soviet Union supplied MIGs and pilots to support the Chinese PLA, but the point is that China has never signed an armistice with the U.S. and therefore remains an enemy. In fact China????????s military leaders continue to tell the world that America is their number one enemy today.

What happened? How was it that the people of China were betrayed into the hands of the International Communists? Later on why was Red China admitted to the membership in the UN and membership in the UN Security Council while Free China (Taiwan) was booted out of the UN Security Council in 1970? This old video ??????The Insiders?????? from the 1970s can shed some light on whose pulling the strings. President Jimmy Carter, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), told Americans when he was a candidate for the Oval Office that he was not just another ??????insider.?????? He promised not to just shift around the same globalist ??????Insiders?????? in his administration.

Today 30,000 American soldiers remain stationed on the demilitarized zone at the 38th Parallel facing an ??????enemy,?????? the troops of North Korea, allies of China, across the bleak landscape of the zone. How is it that America????????s Congress has ignored this fact in favor of passing trade measures that encourage and allow trade with the PRC and its SOEs?

How is it that America????????s Congress continues to allow trade in important technologies to an enemy? Well, some may argue that China is not an actual enemy because Congress never actually declared war on the PRC, and technically that may be a legal truth, but let us not be deceived by such a technicality, for we have been at war with China and remain in only a truce situation in Korea.

Despite the globalist nonsense fed to us by Council On Foreign Relations member William Jefferson Clinton when he was president of the United States that China is a ??????strategic partner,?????? nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the establishment media????????s lie that ??????communism is dead,?????? that claim could not be further from the truth. Really? Just ask the billion Chinese citizens still locked up in the Communist-dominated land of China whether their Communist dictators have relinquished power over them and you have your answer.

The PRC is not our strategic partner, but our enemy and they are not shy about announcing the fact. In fact they seek to replace the former Soviet Union as the superpower rival of the United States. (see the forward written by Rep. Caspar W. Weinberger in the 1999 published edition of THE COX REPORT- THE UNANIMOUS AND BIPARTISAN REPORT OF THE HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY AND ILITARY COMMERCIAL CONCENRS WITH THE PEOPLE????????S REPULBIC OF CHINA.)

Remember the threat in 1995 against Los Angeles made by Chinese General Xiong Guangkai as there were tensions over PRC/PLA threats to Taiwan? General Xiong Guangkai told an American official that the PRC would call the shots now in the Asian theater because, ??????In the end, you care a lot more about Los Angeles than you do about Taipei.?????? This was a nuclear threat to discourage U.S. support of Taiwan against PRC encroachment and eventual takeover of Taiwan, or the Spratly Islands for that matter. (see the forward written by Rep. Caspar W. Weinberger in the 1999 published edition of THE COX REPORT- THE UNANIMOUS AND BIPARTISAN REPORT OF THE HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY AND ILITARY COMMERCIAL CONCENRS WITH THE PEOPLE????????S REPULBIC OF CHINA.)

Either we would conclude that the Congress and many of our Presidents are goofing up by making repeated foreign policy mistakes where China is concerned or Americans had better realize that there is an intentional betrayal by some of our leaders underway that means some Americans holding important leadership positions are engineering a betrayal through influence, deception, and cunning arguments for entangling America with China deeper and deeper on the way to building supranational governmental structures and mergers. But why would any American leaders want to betray America? What purpose and whose purpose does it serve to weaken America and strengthen the PRC economically and militarily? This 1996 video now on the Internet can answer both of those questions.

On the path towards integration of America and China into a global governmental structure there are many steps of entanglement needed before the Internationalist Insiders can accomplish their overall goals for world dominion.

Presently there are new talks between the U.S. State Department and the PRC to negotiate a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between China and the U.S. The BIT may not come up for ratification until around 2016 or 2017, but it should be understood and opposed if there is to be any chance of protecting American independence and prosperity. Otherwise the red dragon of the Orient will be flying over America buying up assets (i.e. businesses, land, minerals, oil, coal, etc.) with its $3.4-trillion sovereign wealth fund and Americans had better learn to speak Chinese to be able to report to their new bosses.

In Southern Utah an enormous hog farm named Circle Four Farms exists near the town of Milford, part of the Smithfield Foods production farms dotted across America. In a 2004 news release from Smithfield Foods trumpeting the fact that Circle Four Farms had just earned the ??????Best of State Award?????? as the best agricultural enterprise in Utah, the parent company reported:

??????Circle Four Farms earned the 2004 award in the agriculture category for its outstanding accomplishments, including its leadership role in environmental management, advancements in animal welfare, excellence in employee training and education, and overall contributions to improving the quality of life in Utah, according to the Utah Best of State Foundation.

Circle Four Farms is the largest agricultural employer in Utah. Their farms, spread out over 35 miles in southwest Utah, raise about 1 million pigs per year. Circle Four is a division of Murphy-Brown LLC of Warsaw, N.C. Murphy-Brown is the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc., of Smithfield, Va., a diversified food company with annualized sales of $9 billion that produces and sells food products under about 50 brand names.??????

Now all of Smithfield Food and the Circle Four Farms belong to the PRC and thus the CCP. With Circle Four Farms being the largest employer in a small Southern Utah town, will the Chinese government through its owned business in Southern Utah be able to heavy-handedly change local government policies in that community and even in surrounding communities?

Most likely if you????????re eating a pork roast, bacon, or pork chops the company supplying you those foods is now a Chinese company operating here in America, but what other food markets will be dominated by the Chinese within our own country ending American food independence?

Communist China now has its eyes on the poultry market in America. According to the November 2013 JBS BULLETIN ??????On August 31, 2013, as most Americans were starting to enjoy their Labor Day weekend perhaps by grilling some BBQ chicken, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) f the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quietly lifted its ban on processed poultry form China. Furthermore, the imported processed chicken from china will not require a country-of-origin label, meaning that you will not know whether the chicken you eat in a can of soup or the fast chicken nugget you give your children came from China.??????

While The People????????s Republic of China is actively engaged in acquiring American companies, colonizing our cities by purchasing housing, and acquiring American technologies as quickly as possible, the PRC also has many monopolistic State Owned Enterprises (SOE) that while actually owned by the Communist-dominated and run government of the PRC pose as if they are normal privately owned corporations just doing normal business in the market place. Here????????s a few of the PRC????????s SOEs which are tools of the Communist Oligarchy:

China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)- owned by PLA (smuggled 2,000 AK-47s into USA for gangs)
Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense(CONSTIND) ???????? weapons procurement (counterpart of DARPA in USA)
China Northern Industries- weapons
Bao Steel Group Corporation Limited
China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC)
China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
State Grid Corporation
Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO)
China Telecommunications Corporation
Shenhua Group
Anshan Iron and Steel Corporation
Qingdao Iron and Steel
ZTE ???????? communications technologies

The Red dragon of Communist-monopolistic China is expanding and projecting itself into this hemisphere and our Congress, Presidents, and Governors seem to be doing all they can to help the dragon make as many nests here in the USA as the PRC????????s multi-trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund can buy up.

Will we all soon be eating food processed in China and unchecked by American health officials? Will Americans more and more often find themselves employed by Chinese companies? Will American city governments find themselves pressured by Chinese owned businesses? Will the PRC gain beachheads within American communities for espionage? What will the long-term outcome be if our leaders continue opening our country to the PRC?

The U.S. State Department is even now negotiating a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with China that could open up all markets within the USA to Chinese companies and sovereign wealth fund purchases. Will the PRC buy up our businesses, our oil deposits, our coal deposits, our hospitals, our private schools, our movie theaters, our ranches, our farms, etc. and then set employment policies for millions of Americans or even move more American businesses to China? What will the consequences be to Americans if our government continues to encourage the PRC to ??????invest?????? in America? Will hyperinflation follow as trillions of dollars are repatriated from China to the USA?

How can our Congress see the CCP and PRC as advantageous economic partners when the CCP and PRC and their Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) have for many decades considered America as their greatest enemy? Since before the invasion of South Korea by PLA troops top Chinese Leaders such as Mao Tse Tung considered America the ultimate prize in their quest for global domination. Are our leaders playing right into their hands?

America????????s media has mistakenly told us since the 1990 that ??????Communism is dead.?????? But the Communist politburo of the Chinese Communist Party and the PRC is alive and well and already rules about a fifth of earth????????s population. Will Americans be ruled as well? Is that our children????????s future?


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