The Park Record Shows its Bias

Today, the Park Record, kept their tradition of endorsing ALL Democrat candidates for the local races. This is not a huge shock. The Park Record continues to show it’s media bias by consistantly printing false information meant to misinform it’s readership. Eventually this tactic will catch up to them, and they will go out of business.

Jacqueline Smith, is labeled a Tea Party candidate. First of all there is no such party as the Tea Party. Jacqueline is a Republican, serving currently as the Secretary of the Republican Party in Summit County. And since the Tea Party movement was a movement to end taxation and Jacqueline Smith has suceeded in freezing two tax increases, then maybe the title is appropriate. However, the Park Record is attempting to make a derogatory slam on the candidate.

Obviously by labeling The STAR Forum, the group co-founded by Jacqueline Smith, as right-wing, it is clear The Park Record has never even read one blog post. For if it had read the blog, or had the sense to do some real journalism, it would have known that The STAR Forum looks at the right and left arguments as the same side of one coin. This is not a “far right” approach, as The Park Record calls it, but rather a very simple look into the proper role of government and that both sides of the isle have been overlooking the very people that created their government.

Every attempt by The Park Record of Park City, Utah, has been little more than journalistic hogwash, with a clear attempt to lead the reader to a very specific opinion.

Someday a paper will rise up out of Summit County, and give the county real unbiased news. Until then, enjoy the fish-wrap.


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