The Need for Leadership


I listened to Dick Morris’s analysis of the individuals seeking office on the republican side of the coin. Interesting thoughts. While I don’t agree with all of his viewpoints, I firmly believe he knows what he is talking about. Primarily from my upderstanding of his background experience.

I had an interesting conversation on the phone, today. You know, those old relics they term “land lines”? Anyway, a gal called me from Florida. She was promoting magazines for mothers against drunk driving. The acronym used is MADD. I believe everyone on this thread knows that. So a solution was posed (after I made a commitment to purchase Newsweek a severely discounted price)…

My solution proposal was to get young adults to ride scooters and/or mountain bikes. Mountain bikes will work in snow. I know, because I ride mine in the snow. You’ve just got to learn when to stop. Scooters are fantasic in areas like CA, NV, AZ, FL and TX along with NM. They get great gas mileage and they are inexpensive. Anybody that gets drunk and gets on a scooter is going to end up injuring themselves, but nobody else. Most quality scooters (50 cc or under) only weigh about 180 to 200 lbs. In most states, you don’t need a license, insurance, or anything else to ride them. As far as mountain bikes go, nobody needs a license for a mountain bike. If they do, they shold petition their senators and representatives of the state saying do need one.

Anyway, if the bozos in Washington would figure it all out, to control drunk driving they need to require young adults to ride bicycles and/or ride scooters. That’s a simple solution to the problem. They can have a backpack along with them if they want to go shopping. They will learn responsibility when it comes to taking care of a scooter. Believe me, it’s not as easy as one might think. I went to a scooter when gas prices began to escalate and I believe all Americans should have a scooter, or a mountain bike. Like I said, you can escape most of the government fees associated with vehicles. If you tip over, then get back up. Trust me, at some point in time you will tip over. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been drinking. It just means you are still in the learning curve period.

Now, think about this ~ you get 80-100 miles per gallon with a scooter. With a mountain bike, it’s endless. You just grab a bottle of your favorite sports drink and go until you get exhaused. You can still take the same backpack with you that you use on your scooter. Easy enough, right?

Saving capital is what it all comes down to along with improving personal health. Mothers against drunk driving need to get their kids to ride scooters and bikes. The kids on the bikes will be relatively save from the idiots that are drunk driving because they can “escape” the route of danger in the event they see someone who may be drunk driving. There is also never a problem with parking if you ride a bike or a scooter. NEVER.

Alright, that’s my commentary for the day. Just make sure you have a backpack when you get determined enough to ride a scooter. Carry identification at all times, and have a set of mechanic gloves. They work best with scooters and bicycles and will protect your fingers in the event you tip over or have a spill.

This process will not prevent older people from drinking and driving. But it will children away from drinking while driving if you suspect they are involved with the wrong crowd and it will keep them more responsible for their social activities.

Till next time. . .peace,



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