The Movie “The Book Thief” Made Me Think

My wife and I went to the movie ??????the Book Thief ?????? tonight. The movie was quite true to the book and very well done. The casting, acting, and set design were wonderful. The plot held your attention. The characters were marvelous. The movie gave me more compassion for those good people in Germany during WWII who had to live in a socialist Nazi world controlled by a highly criminal, totalitarian socialist government.

The movie was laced with tension as various people tried to live under the watchful eye of a despotic socialist government. A Jewish man, Max, hid in a basement so he wouldn????????t be killed, Jewish businesses were plundered and destroyed. Jews were marched off to death and their property confiscated. Children were programmed in school, in children????????s organizations, and by special events and the media to be good National Socialists, and to hate those who the socialists hated. Books were burned if they didn????????t agree with the socialist government????????s teachings and policies. People spied on each other and accused each other and pointed fingers. Racism was encouraged. Shared poverty was the norm because of the war and the effects of socialism on the German economy. If you joined the National Socialists there were special benefits; they took care of their own and persecuted those who were not part of them. Every hard knock on the door made the inhabitants of the home wonder: ??????are the National Socialists coming for me.?????? When the father in the family tried to defend a friend from being hauled off to some terrible fate because his last name appeared Jewish he was treated brutally and asked for his name. Giving his name made him fear that there would be a knock on the door for him. Men were subject to the conscription. The iron hand of totalitarian government was everywhere. Fear, death, stealing, poverty, secrets, and hiding were everywhere.

A study of history teaches us that the Nazi or National Socialist party and its supporters worked to take control of Germany????????s neighboring countries; stealing plundering, and murdering, as extreme socialists have done again and again in the last 100 plus years. Their desire for the lands and wealth of others coupled with their prideful desire to rule over others sowed a crop that gave the German people a terrible harvest of death, poverty and destruction during the war years, and lingering suffering and a terrible historical reputation thereafter.

The film was the story of a sweet young orphan and those who befriended her and cared for her. It was a tale of the courage of a few. It was a tale of the value of knowledge contained in books and freedom to learn. It was a bittersweet tale narrated by the angel of death. But for me, it was also a warning about the danger of allowing an immoral ideology to rule one????????s country. I wondered as I watched if there weren????????t millions of Germans during the war who wished they had resisted the socialists rise to power, who wished they had resisted the National Socialist????????s propaganda and brain washing, who wished they had stood for freedom and truth, and who wished they could go back and redo their lives leading up to the consolidation of power under the National Socialists.

Now that socialism is in ascent in America I am wondering if the people of America will learn from history to resist this terrible plague with all their might before it is too late. An ideology based on criminal force, jealousy, envy, greed, threats, and theft can????????t end well. Socialists in America label anyone they want to plunder as ??????rich?????? or as ??????racist?????? or now as ??????terrorists.?????? In their minds being ??????rich?????? is a sin. In a conversation with a socialist today I came to understand that being in the 1% wealthiest class in America is a crime in his mind. In his mind, if you are in the 1% you deserve to be plundered. That is all the justification he needs to rob and plunder and persecute a person. He just needs to label them as rich. Of course, they are plundering at least the top 30% and hurting everyone. Everyone is suffering and will suffer a great deal more under their reign.

What is the answer? Does everyone who has more than $100k in assets need to sell all they have and give all to the poor? Will that satisfy the socialists among us? Did the Sudetenland satisfy Hitler????????s socialists? Did that appease the ravenous desire for more of other people????????s lands and possessions that infested the hearts of the National Socialists? We must remember, it wasn????????t just land and wealth that the National Socialists were after; it was power, power over others. They wanted to rule and have things their way and make others bow and scrape to their desires. Their creed was a prideful, narcissistic hedonism that saw their own needs and desires and beliefs as of the only importance. They were happy to sacrifice others so that they might have all that they wanted. They believed, like today????????s socialists, that they had the right to TAKE by force of government what they wanted from others. They don????????t believe they need to earn wealth, just take it.

In their hubris they can????????t see anything but success in their future. They can????????t and don????????t think it through or recognize the harvest their actions will bring. It won????????t be good for anyone.

For nearly 100 years Americans have negotiated with, given in to, appeased, indulged, accommodated, mollycoddled, spoiled, overindulged, and compromised with the socialists and progressives among us (including the statists, and globalists at the U.N.). We have allowed the banksters with the Fed to secretly rule our government and to plunge us into debt to bankroll the socialist schemes and empire building that is destroying our country and the future of our children and grandchildren. We have given the socialists in government control of our retirement, our education system, and now our healthcare system. They have ruined or are ruining all of them. Every time something is given to these socialist tyrants they demand more. It is never enough. They want total power over our lives. They want to bleed us all into poverty so that they can luxuriate in the unearned benefits they now enjoy and hope to enjoy in the future at our expense.

Will there come a time when Americans will look back and say to themselves: ??????I coulda, shoulda, woulda done more to preserve freedom, preserve property rights, defend the Constitution and the Republic, educate my fellow Americans, and resist the encroaching socialism and tyranny???????

Socialism is theft. It is not charity. It is the FORCED redistribution of wealth. It uses lies, propaganda, fear mongering, and subterfuge to fool the uneducated. It is a force of evil. It uses threats and force to get its way. It is unrelenting in its greed, envy and covetousness. Its fruits are poverty, misery, destruction, war, and death. Check out the history and economic developments over the last century of the socialist empires that have sprouted around the world whether fascist socialist, communist socialist or some other brand of bandits. The long-term results are always disaster. Germany, China, Italy, Argentina, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, France, Spain, and many other countries have suffered under the lies and policies of socialist leadership. Any leadership that enshrines theft as a virtue is by definition corrupt. Socialism and totalitarianism in their many forms are criminal government. They are what the founders of this great country stood against. They are organized crime on a grand scale. That is what socialists do. That is what they are doing in America.

Often the socialists develop a hero such as Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin,Mussolini, Castro, “Che” Guevara, Hitler, or Mao. In America it is currently their ??????Messiah?????? Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama, our ??????President??????.

America has suffered for decades from the socialist disease that grows within, a disease that destroys the economy, the hope of generations, and the freedoms and God given rights our forefathers died for. Will we sit by like the good Germans did before WWII and allow the rise of socialism to destroy our great country? Many countries have had to fight this battle against the rise of criminal government. Many of them did not face the truth about their government in time to win the battle. They thought someone else would solve the problem. They took no responsibility to defend their own freedom. They stuck their heads in the sand. Too many Americans believe that ??????It can????????t happen here.?????? They may believe that people like me who try to warn them of the danger are alarmists or are paranoid. Many Jews ridiculed fellow Jews who were alarmed by what they saw in the National Socialists and who tried to warn them of the danger posed by the growing socialist government in pre-WWII Germany. Maybe they should have listened. Ring the alarm bells; take action; freedom and our future hang in the balance. The Constitution hangs by a thin thread.

The movie ??????the Book Thief?????? is something you should watch after reading this short article. Remember, it was the National SOCIALISTS who destroyed Germany. Do you want something like Germany????????s WWII past for your country????????s future; for your children????????s future; for your grandchildren????????s future? Should we be alarmed? Yes. Should we compromise more with the socialists among us? No.

Socialism????????s institutionalized FORCED redistribution of wealth will end badly here as it has elsewhere. Theft and tyranny on such a grand scale will eventually reap a terrible harvest. Socialism????????s victims in America already feel the sting; they have for decades. The reaping of a terrible harvest has already begun.


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