The Most Environmentally Conscious Companies

The Most Environmentally Conscious Companies

With sea levels rising, temperatures increasing, and species falling extinct at an alarming rate, it’s becoming more and more important every stakeholder in society should do their part to protect our planet. Aside from environmental groups and governments, we need more powerbrokers to carry their weight, including representatives of the business world.

Though more progress is still needed, thankfully, there are some major multinational companies that have stepped up to the plate with green initiatives and environmentally positive business models. These companies need our encouragement now more than ever. So, the next time you’re at the store, or watching television, or shopping online, consider this list of the most environmentally conscious companies.


The entertainment giant has proven itself as an environmentally conscious business due to its commitment to achieving net-zero direct emission by 2030. It also uses electrical consumption to reduce its indirect greenhouse gas emissions. The company has a zero-waste policy, meaning company leaders want nothing they produce for the operation of the business to end up in a landfill. Although most companies don’t have the capital or power to be as consistently environmentally aware as Disney, many can achieve progress if their leaders take the time to create their own recycling facility.


Unlike the other companies on this list, which are environmentally conscious because of initiatives outside its primary business, eBay’s distinct business model creates the conditions for a more sustainable future. The company’s website makes it possible for people to reuse or exchange goods instead of throwing them in the trash, thereby lengthening the life of products. Working alongside the United States Postal Service, eBay has also initiated green methods for shipping.


Throughout the company’s entire history, Patagonia has been a source of environmental good. It has pledged one percent of all sales to groups that support environmental conservation, resulting in more than $89 million given to grassroots and international movements. This one percent rule has cemented Patagonia as one of the most environmentally conscious companies. Patagonia has pledged total carbon neutrality by 2025. Recycled goods make up much of their materials.