The Marketing & Sales Answer for Cache Valley Business – GXN The GraphiXpress Network

GXN “The GraphiXpress Network” is the Marketing Answer for all small businesses in Cache Valley.

But most of those businesses don’t know what the questions is? or even that they are,.. INVISIBLE

I see friends of mine who own businesses struggle everyday, they cast about for any answer, anywhere and mostly they throw money down rabbit holes that they think will get them Visibility.

  • So how do you create visibility in Cache Valley?
  • How do Small Businesses Compete with the big guys?
  • Where do you start?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Do I need Banners, Print, Marketing Tools
  • How can I afford all of this
  • Will it be profitable or am I throwing away money
  • These are all questions that every entrepreneur, small business owner, or operator asks themselves everyday.. The problem with Cache Valley isn’t that there isn’t any money to be spent, it’s not that people don’t want to buy your products!

    It’s that the overall mentality when it comes to money is CHEAP!,.. that’s right I said it,.. the valley is cheap, not frugal, it’s cheap.

    But that’s ok, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just frustrating for business owners, and that’s why Visibility is such a huge commodity in Cache Valley, and also why it is so HUGELY IMPORTANT!

    But what is Visibility? How do you get it? where can it be found?
    These are questions that every business owner asks, and now, we have found the answers.

    BUT FIRST!!! you have to break down a preconceived notion that people hate Salesmen. The truth is, people hate the wrong type of Salesmen, they hate pushy, self-centered Snake Oil Salesmen.. People hate the “Call you at 9pm in the middle of dinner” Salesmen. Well guess what! everyone hates that type of person, and that type of person is not a Salesmen,.. they are the anti-salesmen!

    So, the questions then becomes:

  • How do I Market myself and my business?
  • How do I Stand Out From The Crowd?
  • How do I become recognized Locally
  • How do I become recognized Locally, ONLINE
  • You need to become an expert,.. and part of becoming an expert is recognizing the benefits of being a Local Area Expert! Become the person that everyone looks to in your community as the expert in your related field! Establish yourself as an industry leader and a trusted resource!

    This then is how you convert your knowledge into sales!
    This then is how you create Business Longevity!
    This then is what GXN The GraphiXpress Network does for Small Businesses!

    And They have the references and track record to prove it, They have become The Local Area Authority, The Local Area Expert in Sales and Marketing for Small Businesses in Cache Valley!

    –The views expressed are the fundamental insights of Sean Nathan Ricks (the author) who is an independent marketing consultant with GraphiXpress Network in Smithfield and Logan, Utah which owns and operates Cache Valley Print and Honor Copy in Brigham City, Utah. They offer Website Development, Graphics and Marketing Services along with a full range color and black & white (standard or wide format) copies & print, digital scans & archiving, direct marketing & mailings, administrative and other business services.


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