The Magic of Right – Clicking

The Magic of Right-Clicking

One of the most pleasant surprises I ever encountered during my IT career was the discovery of the Right-Click button on my mouse.
I was plowing my way through one of my first Operating System classes when the text told me to ??????right-click on My Computer to open up the Properties Menu??????.
I had to look down at my hand to see what I was doing and, as the cursor hovered over the My Computer icon, I pressed the right mouse button???????
I was amazed. Here was a whole new world of functionality I never knew existed! The Properties Menu told me what Operating System I was running, what kind of processor I had in my computer, how much memory was installed in it, and much, much, more.

I started right-clicking on everything I saw ???????? documents, folders, taskbars ???????? everything!
As I progressed through the text I soon came upon one of the most useful right-clicks I could have imagined, right-clicking on an empty space on my desktop. This opens up the Properties dialog box for the entire user interface! Here you can change resolutions (make things bigger or smaller), change the Wallpaper (you can use anything you want!), change the way the icons look, change the sizes of your fonts, and change your screensaver and power settings. Wow.

As I go about my day helping people with Computer problems I am often asked by customers to ??????just make it (their computer) work better”, and in many cases one of the first things I notice is that the resolution is still set at the factory default. This is usually pretty small (1024×768) so I????????ll often ask the client if they would like to make everything they view on the computer a little larger. A lot of times they ask, ??????Can you do that??????? ???????? it????????s not common knowledge that you can customize your computer to have the screen look like anything you want ???????? and after I show them how to do it they are amazed at the difference, they can finally read the fine print on web pages!

So??????? If you????????ve been happily left-clicking your way through life, try right-clicking on things and you will open up a whole new world of functionality on your computer!

[postscript] This was written from a right-handed person’s perspective. I apologize to all the left-handed individuals out there whom I may have slighted by not mentioning this fact. That being said, for the lefties out there who were wondering what the heck I was talking about, just switch ??????right?????? for ??????left?????? throughout this article. :DBK

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