The Logan City School District Wants to Raise Property Taxes by $74 Million Over the Next 20-years

Today I received a flier from the Logan City School District asking me to vote for a bond/levy that will increase property taxes to pay the $74,000,000 expansion program they have planned. They expect the debt service on this new debt to be about $3,700,000 annually loaded on top of the tax burden local people already carry. Just say no to this gigantic expenditure. It is not needed now. Delay it a few more years. The schools will get by just fine.

The School District doesn????????t reveal the gargantuan size of the budget they already enjoy. They expect the average homeowner living in the school district with a home value of $170k to shoulder another $72.00 annually of property taxes after they have already seen a steady increase in their property taxes for decades. Do you really want your property taxes on your home and your business to increase again this year?!?

Is there really a need? Is there really an increase in the size of the school age population in Logan? Around most of the developed world birthrates are falling. Everyone should know by now that the generations following the boomers are smaller than the boomer generation. (See: The Birth Dearth — Link) Where are their facts and data to support this need for increasing expenditures? It????????s time to cut spending, not increase it. Our nation is bankrupt.

Is there really no other way for public schools to raise funds? Let them begin to charge tuition to the people receiving the services, parents with children. It????????s time to take the burden off the property owner, and bill those receiving the service (fee for service is an old and good idea). Tuition is more moral than property tax. Property tax is simply the coercive, forced, extortion of money from the property owner under the threat that ??????if you don????????t pay up we????????ll confiscate (steal) your property??????. (See: Empower the Taxpayer– Link). If the schools can????????t make it as public entities, let them go private and seek funding in the free market like many of us already do. (See: Imagine if All Schools Were Privatized– Link). The privatization of schools would force them to compete for students, which would drive costs down, and quality and results up. Charge voluntary tuition; not tax. Let people seek the schools they can afford instead of forcing someone else to pay for their unearned benefit.

What if the teachers in our schools stopped churning out little socialists who graduate and then go on to vote for powerful, expensive, central government? Would we save some money that could be spent locally on schools if it wasn????????t all siphoned off to Washington? Perhaps one place to start cutting Washington expenses and returning the money to Utah for schools is to cut the Department of Education (See: Our Bankrupt Nation Cannot Afford the Department of Education– Link).

Let????????s cut spending in Washington and return the money to the states and the people so we can afford the health care and the education systems we want at home instead of sending all the money to Washington so we can get a tiny bit of it returned to us with strings attached. Are we nuts? (see: How to Cut $2 Trillion without Touching Social Security and Medicare??????? Link)

When the School District asks for this excessive tax increase, just say no, no, no. Voting day is November 5, 2013; polls are open 7 AM to 8 PM. Early voting starts on October 22nd and ends November 1st. We do not need higher property taxes. Let the schools cut some of the administrative salaries and the huge pensions they are offering. We need to cut rather than increase the taxes. We????????ve had enough already. We pay enough property taxes already. Let the Logan City School District live within its means. No more debt.


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