The Lion King in 3D Roars Over the Weekend

The Lion King in 3D roars into the top spot over the weekend. Animation forges ahead of Contagion ($14.48M), Drive ($11.01M) and The Help ($6.43M). Take a look, or write your own review.

Movies Beginning The Week of September 23, 2011

  • Abduction
  • Dolphin Tale 3D
  • The Killer Elite
  • Moneyball

Last weeks top 10 Movies at the Box Office –

  1. The Lion Kin in 3D ($29.3M)
  2. Contagion ($14.48M)
  3. Drive ($11.01M)
  4. The Help ($6.43M)
  5. Straw Dogs (5.0M)
  6. I Don’t Know How She Does It ($4.5M)
  7. The Debt ($2.94M)
  8. Warrior ($2.77M)
  9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($2.62M)
  10. Colombiana ($2.30M)


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