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Hello my friends and neighbors,

I am presently working on a rather big research project. I am doing so on an independant basis. Why? Because college tuition has skyrocketed and I see no sense in buying myself into debt after spending so much time getting education from four accredited institutions. I always fail to acknowledge the University of AZ because I merely needed to learn how to speak Spanish. Not a big deal. I learned how to speak German at Utah State.

Okay, back on the ride here. . . http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/10/06/fireworks_msnbcs_lawrence_odonnell_hostile_interview_with_herman_cain.html

I want you all to make your own opinions when you read the discussion forwarded. Let me make it clear right now, I don’t dislike Cain. I just think we have better candidates in line that can help us reach the nations goals and objectives. That would mean, getting jobs for our children that graduate from high school and letting them set their directives as to whether they want to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. And when anyone serves in one of these “defensive” positions for the United States, they should have the right to determine whether they wish to defend our country, or one some bozo in the Beltway determines they should defend. It’s a very simple concept.

The look at America from overseas, is not good. I read a lot, and have ventured the world. We should keep our damned fingers out of everyone else’s business and get our troops back to America. That’s what this idiot in office said was supposed to happen. At least, according to his initial campaign. So much for that jargon. Has anyone seen anything happen that our “big talker from Kenya” has spoken? I doubt it.

Well, have fun with this diatribe. I speak my mind when I need to. And right now, I need to!




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