The Kafir Gear Story

The last decade has shown us a LOT of changes.  Without reflection it may be hard to set up the reason we are who we are and why we chose to call our Kafir Gear just what it is: Kafir Gear.  We have already received a little criticism here and there for confusion between the word “kaffir” (which is not our brand) and the word “Kafir.”

Let’s take a step back a decade and we can do this quickly.  One of the biggest political climate changes took place with the election of Barak Hussein Obama and I was one of the skeptical hopefuls that he would succeed as a president.  Why would any red-blooded, baseball or football loving, Constitutional supporting American hope for anything but a president’s success?  After all our economy, rights, businesses, international affairs and fundamental beliefs all are reflected and affected by the most powerful seat in the known world.  Now, I’m not here to debate the Illuminati, the actual Fed and deep state that may or may not control that seat but I am here to say that the United States President and its representation is a reflection of the political, economic, moral and ethical winds of the controlling organization, no matter who you believe that is; the voters or the illuminati.

Shortly after Obama was elected, we had planned on doing what we are doing today; in the most general terms.  We had planned on expanding our retail security company, now called Security AllStar, and had just released and executive summary and called for a meeting of investors.  To our dismay, the economy all but collapsed, the interest in unsecured investments vanished into thin air and as a businessman I realized that the time was not right.  In truth, I had not yet envisioned Kafir Gear or the expanded services Security AllStar has today but necessity is the mother of invention.

So here we are a decade later and certain things are leveling out in terms of the economy.  What we are still seeing is a segment of society oblivious to what has caused much of the pain in the free world the last 10 plus years.  When I have posted things like this in the past the misinformed would attempt to introduce a straw man into the conversation like Geroge W. Bush or other anti-Republican statements that had no relevance to my particular way of thinking or political leaning.  I was never a fan of either of the Bush presidents and saw them as weak presidents.  OK, I’m not going to digress too much and they are gone like Obummer.

What we need open here is, in fact, Pandora’s box.  Yes! We need to call things what they are.   Kafir, in Arabic means one of about 3 terms; Infidel, Christian or Jew.  The meaning is depending on who it is directed at by a muslim.  I am not Jewish and I do believe in a God: the Christian God Yahweh if you want to know His Hebrew name.  To a practicing Muslim, who actually practices Islam, Infidel is meant to be an insult to those who do not worship or recognize the deity of their false god allah (capitalization intentionally left off).  So how can I take the term Kafir as an insult?   I can proudly represent being a Kafir in the eyes of a practicing Muslim and even go so far as to say that anyone running into a crowd of people yelling allahu-akbar needs to come face to face with Yahweh at the hands of someone wielding a Kafir Gear implement of truth.  Did I say Pandora’s Box?

Article Source: The Kafir Gear Story

Kafir Gear

Kafir Gear is not your average "gun shop", we are different and given the chance we will show you why. We are your one stop shop for everything tactical and self-defense. I personally (The Infidel Armorer) have been around firearms and tactical gear for more than 25 years and I surround myself with individuals that have as much if not more training and real life experience than I do.

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