The Iraq and Middle East Failure Suggest It’s time to Rethink Foreign Policy

After spending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives we conquered Iraq. To what purpose? To establish a democracy and defend our country from terrorists? Have we made our country more secure?  To protect the U.S. from weapons of mass destruction? Our once great country has failed to achieve these objectives. It is questionable as to whether we should have ever pursued those objectives in the first place.

In the first place, our own nation was not meant to be a democracy, but was established as a Republic. There is a vast difference between the two. Socialists always want to establish democracy so they can vote themselves the wealth of those who have been most productive. That is a step towards socialism and even totalitarian communism or totalitarian fascism. A Republic limits government to a few well defined powers, as our Constitution has attempted to do. So, why are we trying to force "Democracy" on other peoples who don't want it? And, why should they want a failed form of government?

Have we defended Americans from terrorists by our repeated attacks on Mid East target countries? First we attacked Iraq because the U.N. didn't like it attacking Kuwait. That resulted in the blowback called 9/11.  So, that initial intrusion by the U.S. didn't deter terrorism, it encouraged it. We reaped the terrible consequences of the deadly attack that we sowed against Iraq, a Muslim country. Furthermore, as we persist in mucking around in the Middle East we continue to make more and more enemies and push more and more people towards the radical, terrorist organizations that fight our foreign presense in Muslim lands worldwide. There are more insurgents, terrorists, and rebels who hate the U.S. in the countries of the Mid East than ever before. We have done this to ourselves. These people are ever better equiped thanks to the equipment we left behind with the "Democracy" we created in Iraq.

Did we make our country more secure? It seems that while we have been fighting in the Middle East we have left our own borders more open than ever. Millions of unaccounted for illegal alliens have crossed the southern border of our country. Some of them come from the Middle East. Many of these people that are coming now are members of Communist revolutionary organizations dedicated to the overthrow of the U.S. government, organizations such as LaRaza (a racist organization that  hates American white people and hopes to wrest the Western U.S. from U.S. ownership.). 

Are we more secure now that hundreds of Russian nuclear weapons are unaccounted for while big Mid East money seeks to buy them? Where are the 100 or so briefcase sized nuclear weapons missing from the former Soviet Union? Have any fallen into the hands of terrorist organizations? Will they if they haven't already?

As the liberals in our government scale back the military in favor of bread for the masses they fail to recognize the threat that China and Russia ultimately pose to our freedom. American traitors have supplied missle guidance sytems to China. The Chinese now  have an armada of sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missles hidden in a vast cave network through out their mainland. These missles are capable of reaching the U.S.

While we have been depleting our armed forces fighting wars we didn't need to fight in the Middle East, Russia and China have been building modern fighting forces. China is now building nuclear submarines, an advanced navy, a huge airforce and a gigantic army. It's airforce has both stealth bombers and stealth fighters. The Russians are deploying drone technology much like our own as well as other advanced technologies.

Our bankrupt nation cannot continue to fight unprovoked U.N. police actions and peace keeping actions around the world. We cannot enjoy good relations with countries that we insist on attacking. We cannot expect to force our rule and our way of life on others and believe by doing so we make them our friends.

I would be happier with the massive cuts to military spending if we were not constantly involving ourselves in wars around the world. If we were not making so many enemies we would not need so large of a military. The problem now is that we dare not cut our military because of the enemies we've made. Bankrupt as we are though, cut we must. Perhaps those cuts and those lessor capabilties will encourage our politicians to rethink foreign policy and take a less imperious, bellicous, or aggressive military stance in the world. The rhetoric about the U.S. being the richest most powerful country in the world is wearing thin. We are one of the most worn out, rapidly aging, in debt and broke countries in the world. Our people are weary of fighting wars against people who are not our enemies, for reasons we don't understand, to achieve unachievable goals.

Get U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S. Imagine no more U.N. Wars.

See: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Providence&st=Utah&article_id=5726

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