The Initial Uprising (Financial Recourse)

Mark’s Column ~ Uprisings around the world ~

There are several articles on my blogging thread that I think it would be wise to review. The thread is located here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434

I would also advise those with the time, to listen to the music that is provided. Musicians are interesting people. They don????????t just go around playing a guitar or a key board, they are absorbed in their passion. That????????s like anyone that truly wishes to pursue something in this world. Musicians are passionate, confidant and intelligent. I learned about music in the 7th grade. I learned, however, to love music in the 4th grade. My favorite musicians are located here:


I also learned a great deal about the life of musicians through travels in the United States.

Right now there is a great deal of activity taking place around the world that is not particularly very cool. In fact, it is nothing short of chaos. Let????????s take a break right off the bat and listen to a song. . .

Right Now ~ There????????s No Tomorrow. . .

Van Halen. . .


The events happening in the world are taking people by storm. There are going to be significant changes in the currencies (paper money) forthcoming. Most of you know that Chasing down a doctorate degree right now in International business isn????????t that easy because events are changing so quickly, around the globe. Monitoring these changes can drive a person insane.

When you are messing around in the markets it would be a good to find out who the snakes are. I know I have found quite a few of them. They have taken a great deal of time, money off of my table. Let????????s take another break for a song. I????????m trying to help all of you with the experiences I have learned through education, and working in the markets. Believe me, it hasn????????t been an easy path to follow.

It????????s all up to you whether or not you truly want to learn. Grab your favorite beverage and listen to the following song ~

Wind of Change ~ Scorpions. . .

Taking a look at events in today????????s world, things can appear a little depressing. Particularly with the financial systems and the economy as it exists today. Spain is in a dire situation right now. The European Union is collapsing. Go here for the latest information to keep all of your facts straight. Particularly if you are researching the capital markets and the future potential gains of your retirement accounts and investments. ~


It is amazing to me that our leaders let the present situation get so far out of hand. The economy, that is. The deficit this country has gotten into cannot be pulled out by present leadership. Not with unemployment rates as high as they are. And for the mass media to be reporting improvements in economical circumstances is literally, absurd. How can the economy improve when more and more people are losing jobs?

When more and more people are losing jobs, that means those who have lost their jobs either need to collect unemployment benefits, or try to find another job. Guess what? It appears the present administration would rather have people on welfare than to create new jobs for those that are unemployed. Primarily because ~ there are no new jobs available. The banks haven????????t been lending to small business start ups. . . they have just been paying higher bonuses to their executives. Those bonuses being paid out are from you. The taxpayer is taking it on the hoof. Let????????s take a little break for another song. It????????s Super Sunday and everyone should be happy! ~~

Ready for the times to get better ~ Crystal Gayle. . .


There are people that rise to the occasion when times are tough. Rising to the occasion within a household may just mean cutting costs. Within a city, it is the same thing. Reducing expenditures is top priority. I????????ve mentioned bartering so many times I think it may be burning people out. It????????s the truth of the matter, however. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is definitely high on the list of ways to cut costs within your household. If you have young adults within your household that are wishing to further their education after graduating from high school, have them apply for student loans or grants. They may even benefit from scholarships.

This is a great time to encourage the youth in our society to go to school and take advantage of scholarships and or grants due to the demise of our economy. If the banks are going to hand out money to the banks, why don????????t they hand it out to our children? In short, you are taking the same money that the government gave to the banks. If they are not going to create jobs for our youth, then they can provide extended education until this economy improves. Let????????s take another music break before moving on. . .

Influential people throughout time ~ Marilyn Monroe


We????????ll end on that note. You already know where to read more on the data reported @ http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/getboards.aspx?SearchStr=real%20stocks,
321gold.com @ http://321gold.com/ and several others that are listed on the link posted in this sentence. It????????s about economics and finance along with the possible effects from significant world events. Following Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert @ http://maxkeiser.com/ and the Drudge Report @ http://www.drudgereport.com/ will help you all stay WAY ahead of what is being reported in the mass media. Others to follow are mentioned on the thread provided on investorshub.

Until then, enjoy this classic. . .Connie Francis ~


I realize all of this material can get extensive. This, however, is nothing like an intensive course in college. Try writing a book sometime, or try writing a column for an accredited syndication. One has a great deal of homework to do before they even qualify to write. As was said earlier, ??????You have to read, before you can write.??????

Keep the focus, FORWARD.

Peace be with you always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC California and AZ State Universities


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