The Indian Oven – Social Tradition

The culture and foods of India go hand in hand with each other. In India, eating food is not just an activity; it is an important social tradition. Food has been an integral part of India?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s culture since the days of the Indus Valley Civilizations, when people hunted and gathered for their villages and the culture and foods of India were inseparable when agriculture developed in early Indian villages.

Mealtimes are important occasions for family to get together. Most meals comprise of several dishes ranging from staples like rice and breads to meat and vegetables and rounded off with a dessert. In a lot of Indian homes, foods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Family is an extremely important part of their culture, and as such, eating meals as a family has become a social occasion in which generations of the family gather, cook and eat a traditional meal together. Indians take their food very seriously. Cooking is considered an art and mothers usually begin to teach their daughters and pass down family recipes by show-and-tell, fairly young in life.

Most family social gatherings happen with little effort in India because it’s common for generations of a family to live under one roof, or at least, very nearby one-another. In fact, Family and food in India become almost seemingly inseparable because food is included in most their festivals and celebrations. For example, gatherings at religious temples, like the Hindu dance celebration of Garba, often conclude with delicious Indian food being served to all participants in order to symbolize unity and a greater sense of a family.

For example, one of the rituals where food is served is an Indian wedding, which by the way are a huge deal and often span three days. After a couple is married, the guests are served a traditional Indian meal; sometimes the guest count at a wedding in India can exceed 300 people. Holidays like Holi, the festival of color, include gathering, fun activities, and food. Garba, which means dance, is a huge celebration of high energy dancing to celebrate and honor Hindu gods. After people have danced and worked-up a healthy appetite, food is served.

Clearly, the people of India love to celebrate with their friends and family and enjoy using any appropriate opportunity to do so. The same is true at the Indian Oven. Whatever reason you attribute to India food and the Indian culture going hand-in-hand, you can always expect a fantastic meal and rich experience in Indian culture when you dine at the Indian Oven – The Indian oven is located in the heart of the historic district in Logan Utah at 130 North Main. (435) 787-1757 www.IndianOvenUtah.Com

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