The Inauguration of KFWP Brings Refreshments to Global Kids Fashion Industry

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KFWP (Kids Fashion Week Paris) offers a global platform for children,
kids-wear designers, buyers and companies. It provides an opportunity to
boost kids-fashion communication, to spread the universal value/trends
in the kids-wear industry, and to introduce more fashion designers into
the kids-wear sector.

Event Date: mid-February, 2019
Event Location: Place Vendôm

The global market size of children’s clothing is drastically increasing.
However, it seems like a common problem in the fashion industry that
kids-wear fashion does not gain enough awareness like women-wear or
man-wear does. Fashion lovers would always wonder how long would
kids-fashion take to stand on the main stage.

The Association de la mode enfantine à Parissees sees the potentials of
intellectual and material resources in the kids-wear industry and looks
for the probability for more in-depth global interactions in cultural
and arts, in the upcoming event of KFWP.

Happy& Healthy:

KFWP is a family-friendly fashion event for fashion lovers. It gathers
children around the world. KFWP encourages kid-models to walk on the
runway,to show their confidence, to express their fashion styles and to
present their cultural identities.

Sustainability & High quality:

Compare to most fast fashion brands, Kids-wear brands tend to care more
about the quality, safety, and sustainability when making garments. KFWP
wants to educate kids about an environmentally-friendly fashion trend,
to foster a free, organic and natural lifestyle.

Talent & Creativity:

The value in Kids-wear fashion would inspire innovations in fashion
designs and attract skillful fashion designers into the industry,
bringing the prosperity and creating sustainable development.

Additionally, KFWP embraces the charitable activity #smile challenge#,
documenting different smiles, spreading the feeling of happiness,
supporting kids in autism. KFWP dive into adventure, do it for kids.
KFWP is looking forward to your participation.


Jul Jiayue Wu


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