The Hype of Skyfall

This past weekend, I had some time on my hands and was trying to decide what to do for a few hours. I have heard quite a bit about Skyfall and being an avid James Bond fan, I thought this would be the perfect afternoon of relaxation.

After I purchased my reserved seat in the theatre, I sat back and started the movie experience. Now is a great time for a disclaimer. I am not a professional movie critic. I do watch a lot of movies, but I don????????t always watch them for the theatrical wonders. I watch them for entertainment value. So, I may like a movie that has a great story and lets me get away from reality for awhile as opposed to something that makes me think (although, I like some of them as well.)

Skyfall was raw, gritty and real (more real, anyways) than most of the other James Bond movies. I admit that the first time I saw Daniel Craig in a James Bond film, I wasn????????t all that excited. I was used to more polished people such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Even Pearce Brosnan was a fine James Bond. However, Skyfall changed that first impression.

Skyfall has the feel of the original James Bond movies, but at the same time, it seemed to be updated to the year 2012. I think the producers and directors have found the path to continue this franchise into the future. Personally, I felt that there was more substance to Skyfall than practically every other James Bond film.

A note on the use of the old Aston Martin in the movie: There are some critics who couldn????????t understand why they used a car from times past. However, I believe that the use of this car tied in nicely with the movie transitioning from the old to the new.

Was this a good choice for a lazy afternoon? I thought so. It was a good solid action movie with a story. There were scenes that I wanted to follow-up on (like the abandoned urban island) and the boyhood house of James Bond. Like many of the James Bond films, Skyfall is a trip around the world with some interesting scenery and a peak into places we may never know about.

Skyfall is a movie that I will look forward to seeing again.


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