The Hub of Heber city

I visited Heber City, Utah this past weekend, During my stay, I needed to find a good local place to get some breakfast. (I also needed to kill a little time until some of the businesses opened.)

As I drove into town on Highway 40 from Park City, Utah, I remembered a little cafe that I had eaten at several years ago. I didn’t remember the name, but I remembered where it was located (there is one main road in Heber City.) Coming into the south side of town, I saw The Hub right where I left it a few years ago. This is one of two major intersections in town. One direction, you head to Vernal, Utah and the other takes you to Provo, Utah.

It was snowing a little outside, so it was going to be a welcome repast inside eating some breakfast and drinking a nice hot cup of chocolate. The people inside were locals, which is to say that it looked like everyone lived around, but could be from California, New York, Pennsylvania, or born down the road. Heber City is getting some of the overflow from Park City with people moving in, but may want a little more of the country feel.

The Hub had what I was looking for … a great selection of breakfast items that were bound to hit the spot on a cold morning.

I ordered the Ham and Cheese Omelette and my hot chocolate. Reading through the paper, listening to the people next to me talk about patrolling The Canyons resort, and watching out the window, my meal was there before I knew it. The omelette was just cooked and still way hot, the hashbrowns were a little crispy (which I happen to like) and the hot chocolate was steaming. I was ready to settle down for a nice relaxing meal.

And, was it relaxing. Lost in my thoughts, catching an occasional word or two from the table next to me and enjoying a great omelette could be better. I must be getting wimpy in my old age, but either the omelette was huge, or I am losing my appetite, but it was all I could do to finish the omelette, hash browns and hot chocolate. Was it worth the $10 I spent? Yes. Anytime, you can go to a hometown cafe and get some good home cooked food, it is a plus. Definitely, I would visit The Hub again for a great breakfast.

The Hub is open from 6 am 10 pm everyday. You can find the restaurant at: 1165 South Main, Heber City, Utah. Perhaps, I will see you there one morning.


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