The Host Trumps Twilight


Earth is at peace. There are no wars, disease or hunger. But humans aren????????t in control of Earth. An alien race, who call themselves Souls, have infected most humans and have control over their bodies. The last humans hide out together and avoid the Souls as much as they can because any interaction with a Soul could lead to another occupation.

I????????ve never read any books by Stephenie Meyer, nor have I watched any ??????Twilight?????? movies, which gave me a less-biased opinion. I????????m also a fan of science fiction, and Meyer????????s novel ??????The Host?????? was one I????????d thought about reading when it was first released.

However, I entered the movie theater with low expectations as I went to see ??????The Host.?????? I tried my best to go in with an open mind. My expectations came from the trailers, which pitched the movie as a romantic story rather than a captivating exploration of an internal invasion.

I was pulled into the movie much faster than I thought. The story began with a quick action scene and a pivotal decision.

There were fascinating parallels between Melanie/Wanda, played by Saoirse (pronounced sore-sha) Ronan, and The Seeker, played by Diane Kruger. This is most likely due to the source material, which translates well to the big screen.

I was impressed with the ideas presented and the moral questions explored but rarely asked.

??????The Host?????? explores the world of utopias and dystopias. What makes a peaceful planet? Is a perfect world truly perfect?

There was a plethora of questions about humanity and what it truly means. How do you act like a human if you????????re not human? When do humans stop being human?

The movie also delved into the science fiction situation of the battle of dual wills in one body. It was a unique type of alien invasion with powerful consequences. Every invasion calls for a revolution, and ??????The Host?????? put a twist on the typical invasion story.

In order to combat the occupant, one of the characters uses memories of emotional experiences to influence the way the occupant feels. This distinctive method adds layers and complexity to the movie. Which is stronger, the invader or the host? What makes true symbiosis?

The trailer painted the movie unfairly with a heavy romantic component, but it was probably to draw in the ??????Twilight?????? crowd. The story was more intriguing and powerful than the trailer let on.

I understand the reasons for the romance. It explored an unusual situation caused by the occupation, but it felt weird and out of place. The lover elements felt forced into the story, although the actors didn????????t make the romantic parts too awkward. The most silly aspect of the movie was due to the so-called serious relationships.

The most ridiculous part of the romance was the love triangle. Strictly speaking, two separate relationships developed, but both relationships used one body. Meyer must have some premeditated tendencies toward love triangles.

The ending had unexpected twists that wrapped up the story nicely but left a few questions open to the imagination. I????????m tempted to read the book now that I????????ve seen the movie.

From what I????????ve gathered, director and writer Andrew Niccol did a great job adapting Meyer????????s novel to a screenplay and a movie. The core of the novel and all the key relationships and scenes were transformed from words on pages to the silver screen.

Niccol was a perfect choice to write and direct the film. He has an impressive science fiction background in ??????Gattaca,?????? ??????The Truman Show,?????? and ??????In Time.?????? Each of those movies asked curious questions and expanded the science fiction world, and ??????The Host?????? was no different in that regard.

Ronan was phenomenal. She????????s amazing at playing strange characters with depth. The movie was practically worth a viewing just to see her talent in action. Everything she????????s done is worth watching, and I????????d particularly recommend ??????Hanna.??????

Kruger????????s role in ??????The Host?????? enveloped much of her abilities. It was entertaining to watch. I like her work, and I especially like her in ??????National Treasure.??????

Fans of the novel or science fiction should consider a movie ticket to see ??????The Host.?????? You may be surprised at your enjoyment; I certainly was.


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