The Head Mechanic is “In the House” at Jer’s Elite

Jeremy ??????Jer?????? Howard works on his customers’ cars almost every day. There are at least six other auto repair shops within a mile or two of Jer????????s Elite Automotive but, at many of them, you won????????t find the owner working alongside his crew. His shop, located at 1564 W Hillfield Rd, is pleasant, clean–and always busy, because customers often recommend him to others.

Jer has been ??????wrenching?????? (working on cars) for 17 years, Ryan for 14 years, and Justin for over 5 years. Between them, that????????s 36 years of experience. Jer and Justin are Master GM and Master ASE mechanics; both have degrees in automotive technology. Jer and Ryan have been friends for 20 years and Justin was Jer????????s trainee at a Chevy dealership. They????????re like family, so they all work well together.

Jer believes in extending that feeling of family to his customers. He makes a point of getting to know them one-on-one. One of his biggest challenges is pre-diagnosing a problem based on the customer????????s description. ??????They might say their car is making a clanging noise but when I hear it, it????????s more of a tinny noise. I have to hear it myself.?????? While I was there, one customer described a ??????putt-putt?????? noise and a lot of smoke. ??????Was the smoke pouring out of the tailpipe or coming from the engine???????, Jer asked. Each clue is a piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

When asked what sets his shop apart from the others, he said, ??????I was always told that you should never put the words ???????honest???????? or ???????truthful???????? in your business name or people would think you were hiding something–but really, what you get here is honest work for an honest price.??????

You also get the owner????????s expertise. He????????s right there in the shop–under a car.


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