The Future of Finance ~ The Beast is Here, Are you Ready?

At least the Russians were smart enough to get out of Afghanistan before this type of action took place ~


It looks to me like Obama is now “toast” on the political front. How did we get so many “dead beat leaders” out there? A country with so much going for it and throwing it all down the toilet. Even our this nation’s own citizens attack one another when one attempts to “think outside of the box,” so to speak.

The integrity of the United States is going down the tubes quicker than the approval rating for Barack Obama. It was a terrible mistake that he made it into office. Now we all see it.

Watch what happens with the price of gasoline, the stock market, and unemployment rates. Unemployment is actually at 23% right now (according to the Shadow Statics that are never mentioned by the mainstream), not what the government has been reporting. That latest report @ 8.3% is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life. Everybody in Washington’s Beltway ought to be fired.

Those in Washington are disgusting and attempting to cover up this economical disaster while some of us have been trying to expose what is going on for several years. It is all a ploy by Barack Obama to try and make it back into office for his second term.

The economical circumstances within the United States, are horrifying. With the exception of Apple Computers, that is. People are driving themselves right to their death beds to get the dead beats in Washington to listen. How did we get such a flock of idiots in Washington? Hell, all of them are lawyers or have doctorate degrees. That reveals a great deal about our education system. It doesn’t work. It is broken, so it needs fixing. The same with our government.

If this thing peaks out the way its present projectile dictates, we’re doomed. We have no leader. Whoever this guy in office is right now (The President), was placed there for some reason by the oligarchs of the world. I see no other reason for that person to have made it into office. None. A movement for impeachment has already been made on him and there is no solid proof that he is actually a “Natural Born” citizen of the United States.

The day has finally arrived when people are no longer putting up with all the nonsense in the Beltway. Opposition groups are rising all over the nation. And it’s not only in this nation, they are rising all around the world. Greece, Spain and Italy being prime examples.

I heard all of my life “Mark, you can’t do anything to change it. It has been this way forever. Learn to live with it!” You know what I say to that, bologny! Nobody should live with this crap that is going on from Washington DC. Nobody. American citizens have become complacent and aren’t willing to fight the battles they will be required to face. We’re not going through easy times, folks.

Americans have started to rise, but there is going to be a further uprising and it will be a lot sooner than many people think. Gas prices are going through the roof (you haven’t seen anything yet), food prices are escalating at a rate I’ve never seen before, education expenses are absolutely ridiculous, our educators are inexperienced in the real world and only debate amongst one another. That, in and of itself, is a major mistake. That’s a primary reason as to why our political system is all screwed up. A bunch of Ivy league idiots run the United States. And the ones that “make it to the top” are the ones that have kissed the most rear ends.

What we have right now are the most highly educated people, who are the most highly inexperienced people ~ running our world. They are also leading the general public into a state of welfare like never seen before. The motivation today is to stay unemployed. It’s not to grab higher potential. At least you can get benefits if you are unemployed. Get a job, and all there is out there right now are “part time” opportunities. Part time jobs don’t offer insurance or much of anything else. The pay rates are low which seldom covers the expenses one has to cover for their food, housing and travel expenses to and from work.

Part time workers usually have to settle for a used automobile from the late 70s that gets less than 15 mpg. Now, gasoline prices have approached 5.00 per gallon in many areas of the nation. Explain to me how you cover those expenses when you graduated from college (poor high school kids I won’t mention) and you have to settle for a job that pays 10 dollars per hour while living 15 miles away from your place of employment. Explain that to me. Some people would say, “Move closer to where you work.” How do you move when you don’t have any money to cover moving expenses? Very few companies now cover relocation fees. Then some others would be dumb enough to say, “Find another job.” Guess what, there aren’t any other jobs. Some would say, “Start your own business!” How does one start their own business when they can’t get a loan because the Feds are too busy bailing out the banks around the world as well as those (banks) within our own nation than they are with considering the people that reside within our own country. They are also too busy taking people’s homes away than they are on solving the economic crisis which is the worst in the history of this nation (The United States). Which by the way, they are responsible for, not the American people.

If one takes a look at the situation from the top down, the oligarchs (bankers) are the ones that are responsible for this mess. They handed out credit cards during the market bubble like they were going out of style. Everyone expected things to continue to get better, and better. The bubble burst and now look what has happened. People purchased things they should have never have purchased. Particularly, homes.

We can go on and on as to how indiviuals with bank accounts were overspending. The fact of the matter is, however, that they wouldn’t have overspent if they wouldn’t have had the means to do so. That means was. . .of course, CREDIT CARDS. And those CREDIT CARDS were of course provided by the banks. The banks, of course, made sure their political pawns were placed into office that would bail them out when all hell broke loose. The two little angels of most suspect right now should be Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner. Particularly when it comes to the national debt.

Lessons to be learned:

1: Elect better officials to determine where taxpayer money is allocated. Take a stance within local communities to determine whether you can CHOOSE where your tax money will be going.

2: If you have lost your job or can’t find employment, destroy your credit cards. As all as they can do is get you into further trouble financially.

3: Live within your means. Did you really need that ATV, trailer, or second home? Think about it.

4: Barter whenever possible to reduce expenses that should be allocated in the form of taxes. (This is the one that is going to create the next revolution. People are not going to pay taxes if they don’t have a job. That means, there will be no revenue to work with for the local and state municipalities. Two examples are Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Stockton, CA. On a larger scale, it is soon to be the United States that will default on their debt thanks to the efforts of Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner.)

Next article will come out as time permits. Until next time, keep your head up and aim for the stars. Times will be getting tougher, but the energy within us is always capable of helping us beat the obstacles we face.

Peacefully yours,

Mark A. Mayr

Mark is a Graduate from Utah State, University of California and Penn State Universities. He is accomplished in photography, sport and writing. He is a published writer and is presently working with negotiations on his book, “Rainbow Over a Star”. Presently, he is in pursuit of his DBA and is attending college at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale for his degree.


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